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Friday, December 4, 2009


Wow...winter arrived with some serious 'tude today in Calgary!! Not sure if it's officially a blizzard (has to be so much snowfall, winds and cold enough, and it has to last consistently for 3 hours or more (thank you, Wikipedia)), but I think we're there! It's supposed to keep snowing and blowing all night, although it's not that cold, really. It's currently -5C with a -16C windchill. Dressed properly and it's not that bad. Just not prepared to go out on the roads. So no weigh-in tomorrow, that's for sure! I just don't drive enough during the week to risk driving in really poor road conditions on the weekend. Everyone seemed to leave work early today, and all the roads downtown were freaking parking lots, and most of the highways out of town were closed at one point or another. Again, I'm so happy I walk.
Got home, decided to tackle the sidewalks tomorrow (it hasn't stopped snowing at all), inhaled a half a box of Corn Pops (the new higher fibre ones, though - like that helps!), some of the Edamame Hummus that Angie spoke of (O.M.FREAKING.G, it's good!! I agree with totally rocks. And that meant a second trip to Superstore for me, and I hate going there!!) with some melba toast and now I'm having a cup of French Vanilla coffee. Not sure if that constitutes dinner, or if I'm even hungry for real food. Time will tell.
Heading back to the couch, to catch up on some TV and maybe have some dinner.
If you are anywhere in Alberta (storm is hitting the whole province), stay safe and warm inside. Everyone else...same goes for you too! And good luck to the Hallibloggers running the Santa Shuffle for the Salvation Army tomorrow. Think warm thoughts and have a blast!

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