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Monday, November 9, 2009

Winterstart Weekend

I have a lot of trouble watching people run...I so want to be a part of it! Winterstart was Saturday night in Banff. Yes, in the mountains, at night (7pm) in Canada in the winter! It was snowing, actually, and looked very pretty. Don't think it was that cold (-2??), but H-woman and I stood at the sidelines and watched the race start...without us.
My foot, while starting to feel better, was not up for an 8km run, and H-woman's flu refused to let go, so she was not able to run. Her man S. was also sick - he stayed up in the room sleeping at race start. And the lady I sold my bib to also didn't make it - the flu is definitely making it's presence felt in Western Canada!! Oh year.
Still enjoyed a nice weekend in Banff. Dinner Friday night, after we checked in to our hotel (Caribou Lodge - very nice) was at The Keg in the hotel. For staying two nights, we got $25 to use in the restaurant - it was a good dinner. Nothing outstanding but the Keg is consistent, and it's been a long time since I've had a really good, rare steak for supper (I just can't cook it properly myself). Walked into downtown for a tea at Starbuck's (guessing we were about a km out from the 'core' of Banff) and then back to the hotel.
Woke up Saturday morning at 7:15 (darn H-woman, she's making me one of those morning people!) only to find out that both H. and S. were sick and were staying in bed. I finally got bored (and hungry!) and got dressed and walked into town. Had a coffee and a scone at Starbucks, and then decided to be a good friend and pick up some supplies at Safeway for the sickies...OJ, tea, chicken soup, crackers, cough drops, etc. Met up with the two about halfway back, and handed over the care package. They went back to their room and I to mine, yet again...but soon I was BORED again! So, strapped on the runners again and wandered around Banff before settling on lunch at the Rose & Crown. It was a little melancholy for first love and I used to love "the Crown" and always ate/partied there whenever we stayed in Banff. He passed away suddenly earlier this year, and because I heard of his passing through the grapevine, I never got the chance to say my goodbye. Worse part is his family thinks I 'ignored' them on purpose and now none of them are speaking to me anymore...lost the whole family at once, really. Anyway, I sat in the pub (yes, by myself...very brave), hoisted a pint to memories and enjoyed a Bison burger (with how did those get on my plate?). Walked back to the hotel, swinging by a liquor store for more beer (if I'm going to be sitting in my hotel room alone, I may as well enjoy a brew) and then meeting up with H. & S. at Chilis. They made it a couple of blocks from the hotel, and while S. was putting on a brave front (of course I'll be running...) H. and I knew that none of us would be running that night. I wonder of the 1,000 how many didn't run because of the flu going around?
After cheering on the start of the race (so jealous), H. and I went back into the Keg and shared a plate of the best nachos I have ever had. Then we parted ways. Expensive way to spend the weekend...laying on a bed watching TV at $125 a night! But oh well...still enjoyed my mini vacation.
Got up Sunday bright and early and in agonizing pain! My foot, my right knee, IT band, my left wrist, both shoulders! Crap!!!!!! The beds were these amazing pillow top, fluffy things, but I guess my body likes my good old hard mattress! I could barely roll over, and walking to the bathroom was quite the feat! I was getting better...WTF?!?! Could it be that my runners and my orthotics are battling each other for supremacy? Yes, I walked a lot on Saturday, but I certainly didn't put on that many clicks. After some coffee, and painkillers, I decided that I needed to hobble into town, if for nothing else than for more painkillers, and to try and loosen up a bit. It was a very slow walk in (the snow the night before had the sidewalks very icy and slick) and after another coffee and scone, I slowly made my way back to the hotel. H. & S. were both up, had breakfast and were checked out, so I made my way upstairs and finished packing and checked out as well. We had a quick wander around town (after driving down), before heading in Canmore for some lunch. We were too hungry to wait for the Indian restaurant to open up, so decided some fire-roasted pizza was in order. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company makes the most wicked good pizzas, and they are all healthy - they are not dripping in fat and grease, and they have lovely combinations like roasted veggies or sweet chili chicken and peppers.
Finally got home (I'm always sad leaving the mountains) and had a brief nap on the couch, before eating the rest of my pizza from lunch and some soup. Was in bed at 9:30, and slept pretty good - some "ow" moments when I tried to roll over, but they are getting better.
Doing laundry today (somehow made it down and up the 3 flights of stairs!) and getting ready for an Epicure party at H.'s house...should be fun!

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