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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Starting to feel it...

Muscles that is. Feeling it in my hamstrings, shoulders and back. Yay Boot Camp and Trainer Josh!
Thought I'd share some photos of H-woman's Epicure party - she's well on her way to a huge shopping spree, courtesy of her friends who attended. Somehow though I ended up with the leftovers (I ALWAYS leave them with the hostess, usually to take to work the next day and therefore make more sales, but alas, H. is on vacation right now) which I have incorporated into my lunches/dinners. Last night, for example, was some soft tortillas with the nacho cheese dip...lunch was leftover spinach dip and the loaf it was in. Today, I mixed the rest of the crab dip (there wasn't a lot left of that!) with some chopped artichoke hearts, spread it on toast and sprinkled it with a bit of parm. Yum! Going to fill on veggies tonight though, as I'm making a healthy Pad Thai.

1) the spread - Crab dip, wine & pepper jellies, nacho cheese dip, spinach dip.
2) Extraordinary Cheese Dip in our non-stick frying pan - to freaking die for!!!!

3) Orange Cranberry Biscotti, dipped in our Belgium White Chocolate
4) Our Belgium Milk Chocolate...oh, and some healthy, fresh fruit to dip in it!
Went for some retail therapy today...I have been told for weeks that my work clothes are "too big" and falling off (which is not a bad thing!), so off I went to my favourite store, Reitmans. Not sure who picked this fall's colours though...80's Teal??? Seriously??? Oh well, I still managed to come home with 3 new pair of pants (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their comfort fit pants!) all in Tall (again, LOVE THAT!), a nice red tank top, black sweater and grey cardigan (in medium, thank you very much!). Then, wandering through the mall (after an extremely disappointing visit to Payless - really, women with big feet like shoes too...I don't care if your store is "small"), I passed Le Chateau, where the little strapless number in the window caught my eye...and my MasterCard! My Christmas party is next Friday night (OMG, that's just over a week away), and while I had fully intended to wear something from years past, I just like how this felt and looked. Oh yeah...Boot Camp has paid off big time! The burgundy pumps that I have will look hot with this! Really going to concentrate on the arms and back this week - try to tone things up a bit more.

That's it for me...going to spend some time thinking about those men and women who have died so that we have the right to blog freely and without fear of prosecution. I'm sure I'll be crying later, especially when I hear Taps. Always tears a hole in my heart...

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