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Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick post much still to do before I leave for Banff for the weekend. So a quite recap of the week is in order:

Flu - yes, had it and now it has passed. Still have a nagging cough, but that too shall go away. Power of positive thinking and cough syrup!

Positive of the flu: besides the great core/ab workout from said cough, I was down 4.6 at weigh in today! Hello, '80's! A new decade and therefore new daily points allowance of 23. Bring it on!! Fifty is right around the corner.

Despite most of the building being off sick, work has gone very smoothly this week.

Foot/ankle all better - well, at least it feels all better. Final analysis?? Yes, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it appears to be in remission right now (all other factors were normal, but RA levels at 79), so we'll deal with it when it flares up next. Foot x-ray revealed odd thickening of one bone, and some spurs/floaters and scar tissue. Not sure from what, since I have never had a cast or broken foot...ever. Odd... But that is what I am...odd! Good news is what ever aggravated the ankle seems to have moved on (could have been a bit of bone in the joint) and I got the all clear from both doctors to return (slowly) to that means...

BOOT CAMP ON TUESDAY!!!!!! O.M.G. how I have looked forward to this!!! Can't wait!!!

Heading to Banff with H-woman and her man S., so that they can run the Winterstart 8km. I sold my bib to a friend of H's, so I'll stand on the sidelines and cheer, and help out where-ever I can on the course. It's still a great excuse to go away for the weekend.

Speaking of...have to finish up some last minute tidying and feed the kids. Have a great weekend everyone - see you all Sunday afternoon.


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