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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cold, Flu or H1N1

Came home from work on Friday not feeling well, but chalked it up to running around all day scaring people, not getting enough to eat, etc. By Saturday morning, it was official...I am sick. So what is it? I managed to get the seasonal flu shot two weeks ago, but because I can't just take a day off work to stand in line with a bunch of screaming, bored kids for 8+ hours every day, have not yet got the H1N1 shot (even though I am considered in the high risk category - chronic asthmatic). Guess I'm building my own anti-bodies now!

So, which is it?
- Sneezed like there's no tomorrow all day yesterday, although it was now stopped - cold, not H1N1
-Low grade fever - not a cold, but flu - don't think it got high enough to be H1N1, but it's hard to tell with me, as my temperature is usually a good degree below normal.
-Aches and pains - not bad, so most likely a cold.
-Cough - alternates between hacking and dry, so a bit of both I suppose.
-Stuffy nose - cold
-Chills - have had these, so more likely the flu, but then I also get really hot and sweaty - could just be menopause!
-Tiredness - I'm 46...who isn't tired?!
-Onset time - yes, it hit fast, but I've always caught colds like that...fine in the morning, like death by noon.
-Headache - yes, I've had one, but right now it feels more sinus than head, so we'll chalk this one up to a cold.
-Sore throat - yes, cold not flu.
-And finally, chest discomfort - I'm asthmatic, so I have been very carefully monitoring my breathing and have adjusted my regular meds accordingly - so far the chest doesn't hurt, but the back does from all the sneezing and coughing - yay, more cardio!!!!
So, what have I got?? I'm going with a rather nasty cold or the seasonal flu, not H1N1. If I get worse, than I'll head to the clinic set up here in Calgary just for H1N1 diagnosis, but then again what can they do??? Tell me to go home, drink plenty of liquids, get lost of rest and avoid people. Oh, wait...already doing that! And, to be perfectly honest, I am getting rather sick and tired (no pun intended) of all the H1N1 coverage - there are other things happening in the world right now. Bombings, natural disasters, missing miners, crooked politics, etc. Let's hear a bit about that, shall we?
I did make a wicked good pot of chicken soup last night - that will help me feel much better.

Well, back to my couch and coffee.

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Cathy said...

hope you feel better soon. We also wrote a post on our blog today about all of the h1n1 hype. We are all sick, but not serious sick, and we too are not stressing out over it. I agree that the media is making people crazy. I have been up on my soapbox about the media in our last few posts. I really think that the public has to take a giant step back to regain perspective and maybe then the public will relax.