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Saturday, November 21, 2009


The head doesn't hurt that bad, although I slept a little later than I had planned. The caffeine and Advil are starting to kick in, so I should be mobile soon enough. You see, yesterday was quite the day.
It started at noon, with a team-building event...we went bowling.
There were about 20 teams, and we did a lane of 5-pin and a lane of 10-pin and then a wacky round of half of each. I now understand why bowling and beer are so synonymous with each definitely need beer to bowl!!! After an afternoon of bowling (my ankle and arthritic wrist did not enjoy it at all!), brewskies and the greasiest, deep-fried food ever (seriously, the only vegetables were the tomato sauce on the very cheese-laden pizzas and the zucchini under the deep-fried batter - blech), I rushed home to get ready for our company Christmas Party.
I think I clean up's just too bad it was so dark in the can't see my funky "almost black" brown hair and short, sassy style. Oh, and the dress?? Totally rocked it!!! I got so many compliments, and owe it all to Boot Camp. If you haven't taken the plunge and tried a class yet...DO IT!!!! It'll totally reshape your body. I'm still 18 pounds from goal, but don't think I look 18 pounds over-weight.
Left the party just after midnight, after deciding to leave my baby-girl car in the nice, protected parking garage for a sleep-over! Okay, the accumulation of 2 beers, wine with the meal (a couple of glasses) and 5 or 6 vodka sodas also helped with the decision! Man, I should feel waaaaayyyyy worse than I do! Holy mother, I can slam 'em back, huh??? Actually, I find with vodka soda I don't feel bad the next day...lack of sugar is the key! And I don't get "this is the first time I've had alcohol kid" drunk...I get a pleasant little buzz, and can (and do) maintain adult conversations with the other party guests. After all, the booze may be free and flowing (we get 3 drink tickets, yet somehow I end up with extras, as people leave and throw me their leftovers...hmmmm...there could be a hidden message in there somewhere, but I'm not awake enough to figure it out! LOL!), but at the end of the day, I'm still at a company function, and I'd like to be able to show up for work on Monday, knowing I still have a job!! There have been many others that crossed the line, and that were gone the following day/week! Makes me shake my head...what were they thinking?!?! Oh, and while on that subject, do people not own mirrors?!?! There were some outfits, or lack thereof, at the party last night that made me go "huh?!". We're not totally stuffy but the invites do say semi-formal. So the guy in his karate outfit (yes, it was black silk and had a gigantic red dragon embroidered on the back) was basically wearing his jammies! How he got out of the house is beyond would have been "you're planning on wearing that where?! We are not going to the doe-joe (don't know if I spelled that right) so turn around and put on a suit!" Or the girls in their nice long gowns and freaking FLIP-FLOPS!!!!! Not cute sandals, but FLIP FLOPS...the kind you wear to the beach!!!! Yes, my feet hurt - I have bone splinters floating around in my ankle, which was further aggravated by an afternoon of bowling and I still managed to walk in, dance in and stand in a classy pair of strappy sandals...suck it up girls! That is the key, I suppose...the average age of the flip-flop wearers appeared to be around 18. I forget how young some of our team really is.
I'm going to finish my coffee, have a bowl of cereal with some fruit and almond milk, and then strap on the runners to go get my car. Have to swing by the post office to collect the party order for the Epicure party we had at H-woman's, and then I think an afternoon nap will be in order! I'm also feeling like ordering a swack of sushi for supper tonight (haven't had it in forever) but the day is still young (ish) and I may change my mind...the latent alcohol fumes could decide it's a "chips and dip" kind of day!

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

You look GREAT and have awesome definition in your shoulders!! Way to go!!