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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday update

Got the phone call at 10 am this morning - "come get me"...the hospital, in their infinite wisdom, decided that a 77 year old pneumonia patient with emphysema was fine enough to go home! Oy... It was a good thing that I had my breakfast already (1 c Kashi squares, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 1 c strawberries), as here's how the morning went:
- leave the office and walk home
- jump in the car and drive the 12+ km to Mom & Dad's
- switch to their vehicle (it's a Jeep, so much easier to get my dad in and out of, rather than my two-door sports car!)
- circle the parking garage looking for a place to park...even with the freaking handicapped sticker, we still couldn't find anything close.
- wait forever for the elevator, only to have my mother say (as the doors open) "we should have just taken the stairs"...oy...
- get to Dad's room, help him get dressed, get his last minute meds, prescriptions and assorted other goodies and start to haul him, my mother, a wheel chair, two oxygen tanks, overnight bag and jacket to the car.
- leave him and my mother at the front doors and run to the car with an armload of crap.
- circle the hospital, looking for a spot to pull over at the door to load up the parents.
- load up said parents.
- drive to their home (with 'eagle-eyes' Dad watching my driving skills like a hawk...your welcome, by the way!)
- drop Mom off in the front so she can go in the house and unlock the back door (easier for Dad to get to). Stop the car and redirect to HER OWN HOUSE!!! OMG!!!!
- drive around back, and get Dad unloaded - "I'm fine and make it myself" - never, ever pay attention to those words from an elderly parent...I turned around to take the jeep to the garage, and THUD!!! There's my father, in a heap in the flower bed! At least he fell left and not right, otherwise it would have been a 3 foot drop to hard cement!
- he wants to sit and recover from the fall, so I take the jeep to the garage and bring everything out to the house, and then go get Dad. For a very skinny man, he's kind of heavy! Got him into the house and settled, and after I was assured that nothing was broken, or there weren't any more war wounds, I jump back in my car and drive 12+ km home.
- walk back to work in a freaking wind storm!
Picking my dad up took 3.5 Oh, and where were my brothers or their respective spouses????? Relaxing somewhere, I'm sure!
By the time I got back to work, I was so hungry I couldn't even wait the 2.5 minutes to heat up a bowl of soup, so I caved and bought the chicken quesidilla. It was good, and the people at the deli know me enough to give me less rice and more salad. Still full later in the afternoon, but I also had a treat of Liberte Coconut yogurt and some fresh pineapple. OMG that's good stuff!
Left work at normal time, as I had another Boot Camp session - still outside, as I am completely off limits! But the wind had died down, and I thought it was a nice day to work outside. And work we did!!! Trainer Josh really put us through some moves today. There was this old Asian man and his very young grandson (I assume, of course) who decided that he was going to do everything us crazy people were doing. It was so freaking cute...I wish I had a camera with me. He was adorable, especially when he tried to do donkey kicks and push-ups!
Came home and whipped together some bison (extra lean, from the farmer's market) meatballs, which I baked at a high temp, and tomato sauce (1 can diced tomatoes along with Epicure dried green peppers, toasted onion, roasted garlic, chili garlic sea salt and 4-pepper blend. Add some dried basil and oregano, some tomato paste, capers, balsamic vinegar and evoo. Let it all stew while the meatballs cook, toss in some cooked pasta, the meatballs and top with some fresh grated Parmesan. Yum!
Okay...I'm heading to bed early. I'm beat from all the walking today (to and from work 4 times, for crying out loud), and now Boot Camp. That and it's pitch black outside at 8 pm!
Have a great night,

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Cathy said...

Carol, you are a blessed angel. I will send all the good vibes I have out west.