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Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick update

- Dad is doing better, but not sure when he's getting sprung. Phones to tell me that my mother is having a fit and crying and I should call her...I call her, and she says "what??"...sigh. I'm too old for this!
- packed breakfast and lunch to work, but for whatever reason I was still h.u.n.g.r.y! So I went downstairs to our deli, where they had some lonely looking slices of Greek pizza left. I asked for one and got two (nice deli man!)...loads of veggies, and the crust was on the thin side, so I didn't feel too guilty inhaling them.
- breakfast, by the way, was a bowl of Kashi squares and unsweetened almond milk - forgot my banana. Lunch was leftover salmon and rice, and some green salad. Snack was an apple and a small yogurt with 1/3 c All Bran.
- walked to my chiropractor (about a km from work) and then back past home to my vets, to pick up more insulin for George. Figure I walked about 5km total after work, and I also walked another 3.5km at lunch. Man, that felt good! However, I did over do it after work, and now my ankle is reminding me that I must ease into things!
- dinner was my cheater salmon chowda. One can cream of potato soup, 1 small can salmon, milk, Epicure Bacon Potato topper. Mix all together and heat through. Yummy!
- observing a very odd anniversary this weekend...the end of a long term friendship that had become extremely toxic to me. It's been 1 year already. Wow...time flies when you have no regrets!
- had to move a bunch of old furniture that some kind soul dumped behind my building earlier this evening. Calling for Small Haul to come and take it away (for a price, of course, which is so not fair to my building, but what do you do?) but I have to pile it in a central place for them to collect. There was an entertainment unit, futon and frame, bed frame, box spring and mattress - both queen size. And then there were the four 31kg (68 pounds!) buckets of Spackle or whatever that I had to haul from the doorway to the back. A distance of about 20 to 30 feet. Yes, I hauled 273 pounds of crap down the sidewalk!!! Good thing my daddy didn't raise no girly-girl!!! But if I ever catch the person who left all this stuff...pow - to the moon, the moon!!
- That's it for me. Pleasant dreams everyone.

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