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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Return to Boot Camp

I DID IT!!!! I resumed a Boot Camp class tonight and IT.FELT.GREAT!!! Okay, so I felt like puking and can't believe how much strength and endurance I've lost in the last 5 weeks, but I so heart the sweating and grunting. It's moved indoors, which I'm not a fan of (remember, I sweat hard, so outside in the fall and winter rocks!) but Trainer Josh had all sorts of new toys and ideas to get the cardio up, even indoors. He's also so awesome, as he's very concerned about my body and it can/can not do. We determined I was okay on the stairs (up and down - great cardio) but could not do the step-ups (onto a chair) so did squats instead. And skipping rope was out of the question (ankle says WTF??), so I concentrated on lunges instead. We worked with resistance bands for upper body (OMG!!!), so I'm pretty sure I won't even be able to comb my hair tomorrow! Can't wait for Thursday!!
Came home and nibbled on some salsa, low-fat sour cream and some of the leftover nacho cheese dip, with whole wheat tortillas. Then I had a bowl of dilly tomato soup (mix one can cream of tomato soup, milk, Epicure Lemon Dilly dip blend and a can of diced tomatoes).
One more day off (took a 5-day weekend) and then back to the grind. Going to start going for walks (just walks) at lunch as well, although I do need new runners, as I'm currently over-compensating between my runners (built for pronators) and orthotics. Hence the very screwed up knees and ankles over the weekend.
I'm hitting the couch,'s been a long day of running around, and now I just want to chill.

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