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Thursday, August 4, 2011

What was I thinking?

It's only day 4, and I'm seriously wondering what was I thinking?!  I could barely lift my arms above my head, and I have another class tomorrow.  But I will only get stronger...right?   Right?!?

I have also enlisted the knowledge of Trainer Josh (and Survivor Bootcamp) to guide my nutrition as well.  I'm just stuck and I need a nudge...okay, a solid kick in the the right direction.  Biggest change up will be no carbs after 3pm.  Bring on the fresh vegs.  It's time to get a little creative!

In keeping with that, here is dinner tonight.  I feel like Jaime, with my big-assed bowl full of salad!  Into my bowl went spinach, fennel, carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, cucumber, tomato, mango and curried chicken strips (hence the mango), all topped with a dressing of 0% Greek yogurt, lime juice, canola oil, cumin, salt and Garam Masala.

Now I have a happy tummy, am sipping some water, catching up on blogs and getting ready to head for bed.  That's my other challenge...getting enough sleep.  I have been good the last two nights, with lights out at 10:30pm.  Sleep hasn't been too bad (darn night sweats) so I am hopeful that this will just become normal, and I won't perk up as usual at 10.  Joys of being a night owl.

Friday all ready.  Wow...  Going hiking on Saturday, and getting in a nice long run on Sunday.  I hope to meet my great-nephew, but he may not be released from the hospital yet.  Poor little dude did not have a great birth day (collapsed a lung!) and is now not feeling well and is in NICU.  Happy thoughts, please, everyone.

Oops...past my bedtime.


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Miz said...

adorable picture and happy HEALTHY LUNG thoughts as well.