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Saturday, August 13, 2011


First...celebrate the return of my eyes from behind a wall of hair! 
Please note the's a warm one today!

And secondly...tada!  The triumphant return of the Green Monster!

Into the new KitchenAid (hereby to be soon as "I Lurve U" or KA) went two big handfuls of spinach, a frozen banana, 2 spears of fresh pineapple, UVAB and a glob of almond butter.  Get in my belly!!!

The KA is new because I was thinking smoothie today, and yet I could not find all the pieces of my blender, anywhere I looked.  This one so kicks the other to the curb anyway.  It used to leave chunks, or the bananas would get stuck in the blades.  Just a quick whir and we were off to the races.

Speaking of races, I'm off to get changed, go meet my friend for a brew and a bite (low carb, good race food), then down to North Glenmore park for the 10km.  Deets may not come till tomorrow sometime, depending on my arrival back home and whether it's ridiculously late or not.  I am, after all, meeting up with the hiking ladies at 8am for another adventure hike in the mountains tomorrow.


1 comment:

No Strawberries said...

That Green Monster sounds horrible! haha