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Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday blues

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many caring friends and family, who have all offered words (and shoulders) of support when I have needed it most.  I thank each and every one of you.

After taking Coco to the vet (they have to officially pronounce her) and making the final arrangements (no ashes for me, but I am getting a paw print in plaster), I came home and tried to get some sleep.  I didn't get much any after finding Coco, and was starting to feel my late night (also didn't make my 10:30 cut-off either).  No good...I cried, tossed and turned and cuddled with George (Giorgio), and maybe dozed off for a few minutes.  Finally I got up, picked up H-woman and went off for some much needed noodles at Vietnam Fortune.  Third time for me in two weeks...what will people think?!  We had a good talk, got caught up with each other, and after I dropped her off, the food coma was enough to help me finally fall asleep.  However, I had the alarm set so I could go to boot camp.  Yes, I went...I knew that sweating and throwing weights around would be good for me.  Otherwise, it's sit at home and try to figure out which food group (fat, salt, sugar, chocolate) would best cover up the hurt. 

We ran up the big hill (the legs were NOT pleased after Saturday's hike) and around to the stairs, before returning to the mats for the killer circuit.  This one is fun.  Two groups, reps of 15, two different sets of exercises that basically figure 8 each other in the middle.  I was in group B.  We all start together, push-ups and squat press.  Group A moved to the bands where they did seated row and curls.  We lunge walked to a marker, then ran to our next station of dips, incline push-ups and step-ups.  Group A moved on to their next marker, where they did lunges, then ran up the Bitchy path.  We moved to the jump ropes (50 reps) and then met up with Group A at the middle and squats.  Return the way you came, repeating everything.  Quick drink of water and we swap routes.  Finish that, and it's one giant loop of everything, but double the reps!  I was BEAT by the end, and I think Trainer Josh picked up on that, as I only had to do one lap of the path (others had to run twice) and he finished me early for much needed water.  Finish up the class with v-sit shoulder press to cheek-to-cheeks to toe touches.  Repeat three times.  Then drop legs and hold banana  (arms & weights out to the side...OW) - repeat 3 times, narrow grip push-ups to slow count down and 4 second hold - repeat 4 times, to sit-ups and negatives.  I was sore and exhausted, but so happy I went.

S. and I stayed after class, regaling Trainer Josh with tales of our hike on Saturday, before parting ways.  I came home, not hungry but knowing I had to get some more calories in me so I mixed some spinach in with some black lentil curry I had in the cupboard and dinner was born.  Took all of 5 minutes to heat up, and it was just satisfying enough to get me through till tomorrow.  Some fresh cherries for "dessert" and a glass of milk and I'm done for the day.

Again, thank you all for your kind words and actions.  Means a lot to George and I.  Hug your children, furry or not.


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