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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I made it

I forgot just how much I hate driving in downtown Edmonton!  Doing it at 11pm in the dark does not make it a better experience.  I spent much of my drive cursing the miscreant that stole my GPS!!  But I did find (totally by accident) the hotel, and enjoyed a lovely sleep in an awesomely, soft, huge king-sized bed with a trillion pillows.  And not the wimpy, "where did all the support go?" hotel pillows, but nice, firm, "wow, that's comfy" pillows!  I may never leave!

My view...not the best, but it was pretty at night.

I did go to boot camp yesterday.  Many wouldn't have, whether you call it a taper or rest day, but whatever.  I needed to feel the burn!  Besides, it's working...I am within spitting distance of my weight starting with a "1" that I am excited, and I will not mess it up now.  It was Tabata-Friday, and I think in respect of my marathon on Sunday, Trainer Josh focused a lot on upper body and core.  Surprised I was able to roll out of bed so easily today.

Finishing up my morning coffee, and then I'll head out to look for sustenance and then off to find the LRT (Light Rail Transit, as we call it here in Alberta) and the Expo.  I have a day to kill, so hoping to find something to occupy my time.

I am excited to see brown rice on the hotel menu...that means a good carb (the one I'm allowed this week!) for dinner tonight.  In fact, the maple cold-smoked salmon with veg and brown rice has already caught my eye.


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