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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Don't know if it was the boot camp every night or mixing things up food-wise (no carbs after 3pm) but I lost 4.4 pounds at weigh-in today, and am the lowest I have been since BEFORE Weight Watchers introduced the Points Plus program in December!  What ever it is, I don't care.  I am sticking with it all, as this was the boost my battered weight-loss ego needed!

Didn`t blog last night, as by the time I went to boot camp (Trainer Josh as a new favourite, as we`ve done it every night so far...squats or lunges, then 10 hops forward, repeat till you drop!), picked up the latest crop from Eagle Farms for H-woman and myself, dropped off H`s produce, met the gang for a brew and a bite, it was almost 10pm.  So I was a good girl and didn`t even turn the computer on, choosing instead to do some tidying up, change George`s litter and hit the hay, lights out, at 10:26.  Pretty sure I was asleep by 10:27!

Tonight`s bootcamp was interrupted briefly by another summer storm, but we gathered in the shelter of a cookhouse (at North Glenmore Park) and by the time we did our warm-up (run down the path with our weights, stopping to do various stuff, ending with sprinting up and down the staircase) the rain had stopped and it turned into a lovely evening.

Came home, and was so hungry, I just couldn`t wait to cook something, so dinner was an odd hodge-podge of sorts...sardines (I know, most say ewwww, but I love them) straight out of the can (packed in water) with some Thai chili sauce on them, a small avocado with the same sauce, some 1% cottage cheese and a schwack of fresh veggies...peppers, zucchini, carrots and sugar snap peas.  I did have a small chocolate jonesing, so I did indulge in a bit of trail mix (has m&m`s in it) so it was a bit on the healthier side and I was able to control the portion.

Dr. Sean (George`s vet) sent me the loveliest card for Coco, including her little footprint inside, and he didn`t even get to meet her!  He really is a sweet man, who loves cats to death - it shows when he`s examining them - and this gesture, how ever small, brought me to tears.  Not of sadness...okay, a little bit of sad, but just knowing someone else cared about my baby girl.  Hence the chocolate fix mentioned above.  But I will not derail all of my hard work (my aching muscles won`t let me!!) in one fell swoop, and will keep moving forward.  If my legs let me...


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H-woman said...

Whoo hoo for scales moving in the downward direction!