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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And on the 7th day

After another killer boot camp, which saw us repeat much of last night's class...different group, different location, so Trainer Josh in unapologetic!  After all, I signed up for this, right?  And I will totally rock it by the end.  I know I will. 

By the end of the hour though I wanted some serious protein.  I was thinking some sort of seafood and salad, and really wanted some baby mozzarella to go with the tomatoes I just bought.  Sadly Sobey's didn't have any, so I changed it up to salmon and goat cheese.  I am a good cooker.  'nuf said.

On the plate:
salad greens, pepper (red, orange, yellow and green) strips, carrots and red cabbage.  Top with salmon coated with Epicure Salmon and Fish rub, cooked in a hot pan and to medium perfection, I may add.  Crumble herbed goat cheese, and top with a dressing of Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard, Epicure balsamic vinegar, evoo and some more of the fish rub, and voila.  I am that good!!

Oh, and look what else I've found.  Yay!

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