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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Focus, Carol, focus...

That's what one of the fellow booters likes to yell at me, when he's razzing me about holding up the group, or laughing at what I'm doing (I'm laughing too, BTW), or trying to figure out a move.  It's caught on, as Trainer Josh will yell it out every now and then, and others, even via Facebook.  Focus, Carol.  That's what I'm doing. 

One lady, who I met last summer at boot camp, and saw intermittently through the winter, came back this spring, after a rather harsh fall/winter (same parental issues that I went through) at 190 lbs.  She totally owned up to the problem, and she looked so different (and felt like crap) that she did something about it.  Well, this week, she's back after a month in the Okanagan, and she looks FREAKING FABULOUS!  She's dropped 45 pounds, she's ripped, she's got a six-pack, and she came in 2nd in her very first 5-Peaks Trail Run!!!  SU-ICK!!!!!  I WANT THAT!  Granted, she is 15 years younger than I (old dog, new tricks, you know how it goes) but she said it was the combination of Weight Watchers (she loves the new system) and Trainer Josh kicking her butt.  I am now focused!  This week's loss helps so much in keeping my eye on the prize, but I am only concentrating on achieving my first goal.  Seeing a number on the scale that starts with a 1.  It will happen, soon.  And then soon enough, I will be the one everyone is talking about!

Boot camp last night was Tabata Friday.  After running the BA hill and down the goat trail/stairs (Trainer Josh challenged us all (insert hysterical laughter from me here) to beat the current record of 6:45  or something like that.  The total loop is just over 1 km, but also includes a 63m (207') climb right at the start.  And it's at a pretty intimidating angle to boot!  I did not break the record, nor did the jack-rabbit pair of C. and I. - they took a paltry 7:24!  Slackers!!  After the climb, we tabata'd (is that a verb?!) squats, lunges, basketball lunges (hold weight, lunge to the right and "throw" weight out, back to centre and jump up, "throw" weight to left with lunge, repeat), jump rope, curls, shoulder press, seated rows, leg lifts, jumping jacks, before running up the bitch-path just once and returning for some killer ab work.  I just going through the pain and sweat, telling myself I will soon be "su-ick" like C. and Trainer Josh will be gushing about me to his other groups!!  Yes, I will stay focused.

Got home, after swinging by the Running Room at Glenmore to pick up my race package for tonight's night run.  Should be fun, it's "only" 10km and I know a lot of the other runners participating tonight.  And there's a beer garden afterwards.  The race starts at 9:30 and we all have headlamps we have to wear (it's in the rules...) as part of our race swag.  Nice shirt too, but not the one they advertised.  It was supposed to have reflective parts, but this is just a black, long sleeved technical tee.  Liars!  Once home, I tossed carrots, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, red/green & yellow peppers, mixed herbs and evoo into a pan and roasted till everything was a golden, caramelly brown.  Heated up a nice piece of roasted turkey breast that I had (with a little chicken broth, to keep moist) and that was dinner.  I'm getting used to not thinking about pasta/rice/potatoes with dinner, and I'm challenging myself to do this for 21 days - form a habit right?  I will push through!

Up and at 'em this morning, about to head to Mom's.  Then it's off to Wissam to get my hair cut/coloured (the grays must die), off to meet an old friend/coworker that moved to the island and is here under the saddest of circumstances, as he knew the poor man trapped under his vehicle and drowned by last Friday's massive storm.    Then it's off to the race, visit afterwards, home, bed and out to the mountains for a Sunday hike/adventure.  Can't get into too much trouble...we all have to work on Monday!


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