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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tough training

After a lovely lay-in (9am), I got up , did a load of laundry (which involves down & up three flights of stairs per wash and then dry and then unload), caught up on blogs, thought about cutting the grass, took Mom on some errands, hauled the recycling to a bin, swore at the a*holes who think the sofa they dumped by my bin will miraculously disappear, ate a snack, forgot caffeine and remembered far too late (massive headache), but nothing a Starbucks grande iced non-fat latte couldn't cure (okay, I did need to take an Advil too), played with my new phone some more, picked up a docking station for said phone for work and went to boot camp.

There were 3 of us tonight...I was scured for a bit there, as it was me, Josh and a new trainer, Brian. I back away slowly and not make eye contact??  Then maybe they won't see me!  But thankfully two more victims campers showed up and we were off to the races.  While the new guy set up (he was running the class tonight, with Josh observing) we ran the big-a%$^d hill and down the stairs.  We met back up in a nice shady area (still warm today...but not as bad as yesterday) and Brian put us through our paces.  Loads of cardio as we ran, ran backwards, sprinted, side shuffled, crab walked and then did some new moves, like basketball jumps (jump up, pretending to throw the ball) and karate kicks.  Add to that monkey jumps (squat down with hands on ground, jump up to arms in the air), tuck jumps (yes, tuck legs way up while jumping...I did lunges), jumping jacks, curls, shoulder presses, lat raises and plenty of core, and you have another great boot camp.  Even Josh, after some ribbing by us, joined in and did a bit of a workout.  It was nice to see him sweat too.  While Brian was good, I still heart trainer Josh, and will only follow him.  Not sure where Brian will end up, but as long as he doesn't bump out my Josh.  I am a creature of habit.

Came home and finished up the rest of the raw veggies of yesterday, made a small Greek salad with cherry tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, some the oregano we received in last week's veggie basket from the farm, the last of my olives from the Greek Gals (must return to Farmer's market) and some feta cheese, and a piece of salmon I picked up in the frozen section of Walmart.  It was in a baggie that you poach, with spices already in it.  It was Mediterranean and quick nice.  I'm doing my very best to not have any carbs or starches as dinner, as a way to spur my weight loss in the right direction.  Not no carbs totally, as you do need them, but more so at breakfast and lunch, than later in the day.  I also started a calorie counter app on my phone (I am totally getting into this smart phone thing) called FatSecret, which shows a -761 calorie deficit for the day.  A step in the right direction.  Oh, and just so you know I am not starving myself...2077 calories in, 2838 calories out.'s 10:08 and time for me to head to bed.  I have managed to average 7 hours a sleep a night, which for me is huge, and I want to keep that up.


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