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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway point

I cannot believe that it's been 3 weeks of boot camp every night.  It's getting easier too...oh, not the workouts, mind you, but how well I'm feeling afterwards. 

Last night was back at Edworthy, and we basically repeated what we did on Tuesday at Weaslehead, albeit on the "stairs" and goat trail.  Up and down, up and down.  Then we got "really tough"!  There's a new triple play Trainer Josh loves, that involves dips, incline push-ups and step ups.  Back and forth, with push-ups, burpees, 1-legged squats, lunges, sprinting, curls, shoulder press and extensions thrown in for good measure!  Feeling lucky I can stand today!!

Picked up our fresh veggies again last night (starting to see stuff of substance) and dropped off H-woman's share.  Sadly, hers includes all the potatoes, as I think Trainer Josh is making me break up with them!!!  I then met up with the runners at Eau Claire, and enjoyed a pint (Josh said Guinness is okay, but just one) and steamed mussels (cooked in a broth of tomatoes and Frank's Red Hot Lime sauce - YUM) without the glorious chunk of garlic bread to dip with, and a side green salad.  Came home, and crashed.  Didn't even turn the computer on.

Today at weigh-in, I came oh, so, close to a huge milestone.  I am within spitting distance of being under 200 pounds for the first time in FOREVER.  Next week...  Enjoyed by usual Thursday lunch of crab & corn salad, thai marinated avocados, spinach, greens, and tomato/cucumber/cheese salad.  Stuck with smaller portions than I usually have (which was hard, as I arrive there after meeting and I am HUNGRY) and actually finished eating feeling satisfied, not stuffed.  Snack later for the day was fresh fruit salad (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, pineapple) and a babybel.  This is an older I did not get a nut bar, or the mango salad.

Back to North Glenmore for boot camp, after a brief nap.  I debated nap vs. cutting the grass, and wouldn't you know it, the nap won out!  Good thing I showed up refreshed.  I swear Trainer Josh is trying to make someone throw up this week, and it may very well be me.  After a brief run to warm up, we started at our various stations, but check-point charlie (aka, "home") was where we all started.  Step-ups (or hops, if you had it in you) followed by jumping jacks.  Oh, 15 of everything...I know you are dying to know that.  Then we moved on to the next station, where we did the triad of dips, incline presses and 1-legged squats.  Back to home, repeat, off to next station.  Bands, where we curled, seated row and lat pulls.  Back to home, repeat, station 3.  Five burpees followed by sprint out and back, repeat 3 times.  Back to home, repeat, off to station 4.  On the mats, plank row with push-up, drop-leg flies.  Back to home...repeat whole mess again!!!  I made back to station 3, but thankfully Josh called time before I started the dreaded burpee.  I loath burpees!!  Finished up the class with some core and ab work.  I left feeling stronger than I have in months.

Managed to beat the massive summer storm home (HUGE thunderclaps, hail, lightening...the usual) and while I sat far away from anything metal or electronic, I cooked up a Marc Angelo butterflied chicken breast, and just before it finished, I tossed on the swiss chard we got in our baskets last week.  Topped that with some herbed goat cheese, and sun-dried tomato dressing, and inhaled.  Again, HUNGRY.  While I waited for that to cook though, I whipped up a quick green monster of spinach (again from the basket), frozen banana, pineapple and UVAB.  That helped fill a hole.

Must go pack up for my road trip tomorrow.  Driving up to Edmonton after boot camp, and then spending Saturday chillaxin, visiting the expo and seeing what downtown Edmonton has to offer.  Then it's early to bed and up for marathon.  Hoping the heat of the day (forecast to feel like +29C) holds off till I'm mostly done.  I did get sun-stroke in Calgary in +14C, for crying out loud, so I admit to being a little nervous.  Yes, sunscreen will be packed!  I will also be taking the notebook, so hoping the hotel has wifi!


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