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Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update and a tongue lashing

After my much needed haircut on Saturday, and some running around with Mom, I met up with a friend from work who moved away about 4 years ago.  He was here under sad circumstances, but it was nice to meet up and catch up a bit.

I did admit to eating a chicken sandwich (grilled chicken breast on a bun, with salad - TONS of salad) and a Guinness before the race scheduled for 9:30 that night.  I figured the little bit of bread (read: carbs) wouldn't hurt.  After catching up, meeting some of his friends and assuring myself he was in good hands, I took off from the far NE part of Calgary to the deep SW, North Glenmore Park.  Arrived in good time, about 8:15, and managed to find a relatively close parking spot and the group very quickly.  We went into the park, trying to figure out the route, and just all chatted about our various days.  Then, as the sun started to set and the wicked full moon came out, the race began.  There was a lot of people racing (1,000??), whether they were doing the 5 or 10km.  Simple course, as we ran the roadway through the park from west to east, turned at the Canoe Club and onto the pathway back to the west to Weaslehead, turn around and back to the east.  Any 5k's turned off at this point, while us 10k's kept going for loop #2.  I maintained a good, steady pace.  The breathing was awesome, the temperatures great and there weren't any bugs, that I felt anyway.  Didn't fall over anyone, although there were some people that sounded like they were in serious need of medical attention!  I walked once at the 8km point, but only for 30 seconds, before I caught my breath and ran it in, even managing to surge past not one, but THREE runners ahead of me.  1:10 was my official chip time, which is about 3 minutes slower than my personal best.  Not so bad, considering I haven't been so much of a "runner" lately, and more so of a boot camper.  I am going into the marathon on Sunday in a better mind space now.

Crossed the finish line, hugged everyone, grabbed a water and a treat and immediately left the park (and beer garden/party) to head for home, as we had moved our Saturday hike to Sunday and were all meeting at 8am

This time, we went up to Bourgeau Lake.  All of these trails are new to me, but this one was nice.  The weather was perfect, and the hike relatively easy, with a bit of a climb at the last bit to the lake.  However, all switchbacks and in the trees, which makes it a bit easier to deal with.  There were 7 of us this time, as we added Z. and D. (a Mister!) to the mix. 
Thanks Jaime!  I had fun playing in the Picnik site.
After lunch, we decided to keep going to Harvey Lake and Harvey Pass, which was only a 290m climb from where we were.  It was a bit more difficult though, as the path opens up into a shale field, and is quite steep in places.  Again, it wasn't the up that was so bad, it was the thought of "how the heck am I getting down that, besides on my butt" that keeps going around my head!  But the views from Harvey Pass were worth it, with Assiniboine off in the distance.

It was quite a bit windier up on the pass, and while some headed up some more, to the first "bump" on Bourgeau Pass, my legs (and spirit) just wouldn't let me go!  I sat and rested, contemplated life and hung out with M. (still nursing a leg injury) and Z, while we waited on the others to return. 

Me, admitting defeat!  "I surrender!"

Slow and steady was the name of the game on the way out, with my feet slipping a couple of times, but nothing too scary.  Okay, I was a little scared!  It was a long hike down, and by the end, my feet were telling me they were done with this silliness.  I can only handle my toes jamming into my shoes for so long before I get cranky!  After a game of Frogger (we were parked across the highway from the trail head), we all made our way into Canmore for supper.

This is where the tongue lashing comes in...see, we went to this really sweet Poutine place, that J. knows (she grew up with the owners!).  I will say everyone asked if it would be okay with me, and could I eat, and I answered "hell yes, I hiked over 7 hours and for 20km, so I can eat!", but after my admonishment from Trainer Josh tonight, perhaps poutine (however small) and a steamed dog wasn't my best decision.  It was good though...but he's right.  Am I doing this, or am I DOING THIS!?

I.AM.DOING.THIS!!!!  Dinner tonight, after boot camp, was a Green Monster, strengthened up with Greek Yogurt for extra protein kick.  Boo-yah!


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Cathy said...

hiya, how did you do that great postcardy thing with the photos?? Keep up the good work. You are my, Just do it!, inspiration!