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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Booten' in the rain

Yesterday it was it was +12C and raining.  The difference a day makes in Calgary.

Last night's boot camp was fun and hard, as usual.  We ran a new trail, on which I almost got lost, and then after much step-ups, jumping jacks, push-up rows, curls, lats, dips, more push-ups and 1-legged squats, it was while I was on the bitch-path that Mama Nature tried to take me out!  The wind had picked up through-out the hour, and it was while I was coming down the path that we heard the loud crack, and the sound of a tree falling down!  Just didn't know where, so I threw my arms over my head (because they make a great helmet!) and RAN!  The tree came down beside the path, but that was still too close for comfort.  Dinner was chicken Greek salad (cucs, tomato, red pepper, chicken chunks and Greek Feta dressing).  It was still warm when I went to bed, so I had to sleep with the fan on.

However, very different story this morning.  I shut the fan off as some point in the night, and I'll admit the walk into work was gloriously COLD!  I love the crispness of fall mornings.  It had rained, and every bird in town was signing with the joy of the little rain drops and how fresh the city smelled all of a sudden. 

I did go to boot camp tonight, despite the steady drizzle on the walk home.  I don't skip for nuthin'!!  It seems though that not everyone adheres to that was myself and one other girl.  Even Trainer Josh wondered (out loud) why we both didn't bail.  Then HE could go home!!  So, it turned into an hour of "punishment" for us!  We were at Weaslehead tonight, so we did our usual run down and up the hill, and then sprinting hell.  Starting at the bottom of the hill (this hill is STEEP and LONG), we sprint for 20 seconds, turn around and walk back down for 10 seconds.  Then it was 30/15.  Then it was 40/20.  Finally it was 50/25.  My legs and lungs were both screaming at me...loud!  We switched it up a bit with squat pyramid: facing downhill we did 2 squats, walk backwards (while in a squat) 2 steps, 3 squats, 3 steps...till 10.  Then we faced up the hill and did another pyramid, only with lunge walk in between each squat set.  I seriously cannot feel my quads right now!  Finished this little round of torture off with a sprint to the top of the hill, to return to our mats/weights.  A round of jump-rope, v-sit shoulder press, drop-leg flies, more jumping, shoulder press, extensions and finally more rope.  Back and forth and forth and back.  Finally it was a little plank-a-thon (side plank & dips, full plank & lift legs), and then some good old ab work.  That'll teach us for making Josh stand in the rain for an hour!!  Too bad it wasn't really that bad out, and I'll do it again.  Mwah-ah-ah-ah!!

I was really hungry when I got home, but wanted something totally fast and warm.  So I scrambled two eggs with some goat cheese, dill seasoning and maple smoked salmon.  Dumped that on top of a bed of spinach and drizzled the whole thing with balsamic dressing.  Quite tasty.  Sorry, no pics...too time to hold camera...too busy shoveling food into mouth!

I am about to head for bed.  I made it just after 10pm last night, and really enjoyed the almost 8 hours I got.  I need to make that a habit, as I know it also helps in the weight loss department.  It would be such a waste to blow all my hard work and food choices on a body that was always tired.


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