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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


After Sunday's hike, and yesterday's squat-ariffic squat-a-thon, today we ran sprints.  Uphill.  With lunges and squats thrown in for fun.  Uphill.  Over and over and over again.  Uphill.  I have no feeling from the hips down!!  We then moved to our mats and did 5 45-second exercises, and then ran down and back up the hill.  Oh, this is at North Glenmore, and the hill in question was the infamous Weaslehead! 

After boot camp, I managed to drag myself back to my car, and pick up some spinach and Greek yogurt for the Green Monster madness I've started this week.  Tonight's concoction had spinach, Greek yogurt, banana (no frozen, pineapple and UVAB.  I needed to get my calories up for the day, but keep the carbs down, so I also had some plain 1% cottage cheese and the last of the chicken strips I bought last week.  Hope they were okay...didn't smell or taste funny.  If not, remember me fondly, won't you all??

I also had to swing into Walmart, because I am an idiot.  I think after Sunday's hike, I didn't hit the lock button all the way on James, and someone decided to help themselves to my iPod Nano, my GPS, the adaptor for the iPod and all my parking change.  Oh, and my $10 sunglasses!!!  Seriously?!?!  I take full responsibility for being a dolt, after all, I do live downtown.  But still...I have not been having the best thoughts regarding the crack-head who took off with the stuff.  My mother raised me better then that.  New Nano and adapter in hand but they were sold out of the GPS I wanted, so I'll shop around Blackberry App land and see what I can find.  At least I'll have tunes for the drive up to Edmonton on Friday.  And I am triple checking that I've locked the damn doors!

After work and before boot camp, George and I had an appointment with Dr. Sean.  It was to be with Coco, but I took advantage of the time slot and had George in for his annual.  Dr. Sean is pleased with how well he's doing, and the fact that he's even gained more weight.  We "may" (depends on blood work results tomorrow) even get to ease back on the insulin!  Yahoo George!!!

Okay...I was up far too late last night and felt it this afternoon on Weaslehead.  Must head to bed.



No Strawberries said...

Oh no! Didn't know about your GPS and iPod!

Hiit said...

Great post thank you for publishing it