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Thursday, September 1, 2011

And I just keep going

Lost another 1.6 pounds this week!  Maybe Trainer Josh is onto to something.  Eat good food, don't eat too much, and work out, lots!  Huh...who would have thunk it?!

After Tuesday's punishment for showing up in the rain, you'd think I would have bailed on last night (actually raining, not the drizzle of Tuesday) but nooooooo...even leaving work a half hour later than I usually do (it's New Year's where I work (corporate year end) and we had a party to celebrate the year) and showing up for class 10 minutes late, Trainer Josh (or Grumpy Bear as we called him yesterday) and two other ladies were there waiting.  Oh boy...three of us to torture tonight.  And torture us he did...sadly it was too wet for the big hill or Douglas Fir, so we warmed up with a 5 minute run out and back, and then the circuits started.  Benches: dips, incline push-ups, leg to our mats: full body bike, toe touches, drop leg to our weights: curls, bent over rows, dead to the last benches: step-ups.  Return, and repeat everything along the way.  Return, going from 10 reps to 15 and repeat everything.  Return, repeat everything.  Lastly, increase everything to 20 and repeat.every.thing.  The worse part was the rain had started up, so our mats actually had puddles.  Nothing better than laying down in an icy cold puddle of water and trying to work out with rain in your eyes!  Trainer Josh cut us loose a little early, as there was too much rain to do any good core work, and his next round of victims were showing up for the 6pm class.

Met up with the gang at the Barley Mill and enjoyed my usual mussels, green salad and Guinness.  Glorious Guinness...  Had a good visit and then home and straight to bed.  It was so lovely to have to crawl under the covers last night.  The temperature in my apartment actually dropped to 21C last night.  First time in months!!!  Aaaaahhhhhhh...

Today was sunny and dry.  And slightly cool.  We met at the staircase in North Glenmore, and after a quick warm-up jog, we got to work.  Squat press, drop-leg flies.  Team 1 jumps up and runs 2 laps of the stairs, then back up to the top, where we did dips and incline push-ups.  Run to the top of the hill and do 15 squats (Team 2 ran the hill, stopping half way to do lunges), return to start, repeating everything.  Then we switched...after the mats, we moved to the bands for curls, seated rows and lat pulls.  And then the's not as steep as Weaslehead or Edworthy, but it's long.  I've been punishing my legs since Saturday, and they're really starting to get quite angry about it!  After finishing choice 2, we then did a full circle of everything, doubled.  That meant FOUR times up the stairs (gasp) and twice up and down the hill.  Trainer Josh did say I was looking slimmer, so that helped push me forward, as I'm also starting to see the results of all this hard work.  Over 9 pounds in the last 5 weeks...something has clicked!  Granted, I still felt like hurling, but happy to keep doing it.

Home to my go-to dish of greens, shredded carrot, peppers, goat cheese, and salmon.  Today's salmon was oven-smoked and delicious, and I added some maple smoked pecans that I purchased the other day for a sweet, smoky kick of flavour.  OMG, that was good!

Now I am so ready for bed.  And for painkillers...oh, my aching back!


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