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Monday, June 27, 2011

Boot camp fun

Tonight's class was hard because it was hot. There was this great ball of fire in the sky all day. I was afraid!!! But it warmed everything up, dried stuff off and hatched about a tra-zillion mosquitoes. Mosquitoes LURV me...I guess my blood is quite tasty. They tell all their friends. Despite spraying myself down before class, I was weak by the end of it from lack of blood! And note to the not slap at a mosquito with a 10lb weight in your will hurt!

We ran up the BA hill, across the ridge (love my minimus trail shoes for this) and back down the west side trail/stairs. Then we really got down to business. Split into groups, we all started with 15 drop-leg flies followed by 8 (each arm) plank rows. We jumped up and sprint to cone 1, lunge walk to cone 2, sprint to the benches. At the benches 15 dips, 15 incline pushups and 15 (each leg) leg drives. Sprint to the next cone, 15 squats. Return the way we came, doing all the moves back to the mats. Start over, this time to the other benches, we we did 15 curls (with bands) followed by 15 shoulder presses. Sprint to the next cone, 8 (each leg) lunges. Sprint the little bitch hill to the 2nd bend, run back down to where we did the squats. Do 15 squats, sprint back up little bitch and then return the way we came, repeating all moves. Collapse...I mean, return to mats to start over. Okay, we had a brief rest and water break, but did start over, DOUBLING EVERYTHING! And rather than out and back, we did the whole circuit as a circle. I was extremely close to losing my lunch on the hill.

Finally back at the mats, and after another quick rest, we did a funky upside down pyramid. Starting at 12, we did squat swings followed by lat raises, and then dropped to hold plank until 1 minute was up. Then up and repeat, only to 11 and so on until we hit 6. The plank holds got longer for some people, but by #8, my 10lb weights felt like 50 and I was slowing down. Did I mention it was hot outside?! Finished our hour with some ab work - Trainer Josh calls them the Transformers...we "transform" from v-sit to banana (legs and upper body off the look like a banana) to scissors. Repeat three times... I lay on the mat for a good 5 minutes afterwards, just trying to cool down.

After some stretching, I whipped into Walmart for cat litter and drove it down to Mom's. I swear I put over 300km on James this weekend, which is redonkulous for someone who walks everywhere! Gah! Quick visit with Mom, then home because I was starving. Drove past many temptations (McDonald's, Wendy's, A&W, Harveys, Sunterra, Safeway, Coop) and made a quick, tasty meal of sauteed peppers, onion and low-fat sausage, seasoned with Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard and served over brown rice. So good my camera ate the photo...okay, I was so hungry I didn't even think to grab said camera!

All's getting late, and I have to get some zzz's.


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