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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Damp Sunday run

No Zumba yesterday...not enough interest for a summer session, so hopefully it starts up again in the fall. Now I have Saturdays open...what ever will I do with my time?!

Yesterday I got up, puttered, then went and collected Mom, got some groceries, cat food and chocolates. Hauled some trash and then off to the north east end of town for my nephew and niece's house for her baby shower. I have to say I like where they are living now, rather than their last place (they are a bit of gypsies, but must settle down, since the little one will be here any day), and I feel they are a bit more settled. After meeting their friends, watching the gift opening and then noshing on some grub (hot dogs, potato salad, veggies) I came home and spent the evening watching TV.

Up and met the group at Eau Claire, for a 22km long, slow run. I made sure I had a good breakfast this week (the heart rate spiking last week unnerved me a tad), and pulled out the camel back for double the fluid. And I had my standby OJ/water mix in the bag, rather than just water like last week. The more I think of it, the more I think it may have even been the gu I had at the halfway mark that did me in. I don't normally take them, but because I didn't have OJ, it was something new and different. New and different doesn't work.

Today, we started our run in the rain. Thankfully not as heavy as Footstock a few weeks back, but it was drizzling and cool for a good part of the run. Of course, I had my windbreaker off by the time we hit our first walk break! Today we went east and south, a nice treat from our usual western routes. There were quite a few hills, but I love these ladies and their trail training...walk the hills up! Brilliant!!! After a couple of rest breaks (potty for the others...I am a camel), we finished 22km in the sunshine in just over 3 hours or an 8:16/km pace. Felt good the whole run, although my one arch is a little tender now. Not sure what's up, but I'll keep my eye on it. After a quick lunch of egg wrap (protein), fruit salad (YUM!), coffee (much needed) and chocolate milk (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE), I whipped up to the north west this time, for a food party at a friends. It's like Epicure, but less spices and more dip mixes, I think. I got there very late (it started at noon) so most everyone was gone, but I did sample and order a couple of things and had a quick visit with S.

Home, nap on the couch, dinner of baked potato topped with salsa, low-fat sour cream and shredded cheese and a piece of chicken, and now it's almost bed time. Can't believe it's the work week already. At least it's a short one, with Friday off to celebrate Canada Day. I may go for a hike with the girls on Friday, but haven't quite decided yet. We'll see how the week goes.


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