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Monday, June 6, 2011

Long day

I at least got to sleep in a little, as Mom's appointment wasn't till 9. Still, up at 7:30, to Mom's, to hospital, appointment for 90 minutes (they'll actually use the word dementia now, but not in a diagnosis...I swear it'd be faster if I quit work, went back to medical school and got my own doctorate!), drop her off and onwards to work by 11am. I did have to swing into a Starbucks though...yesterday's headache started to make a comeback when it realized I had gone way too many hours without the blessed caffeine. Yes, I am addicted. Six shots in my latte, thank you very much...not for amateurs!

Worked till 5pm and rushed home (I parked at the office) to change and get to boot camp just before the 6pm class. I knew I was in trouble with I. said something about feeling ill during the circuit...I. usually does 6-8 classes A.WEEK and is uber-fit!! This did not bode well!! I should have listened to my gut and backed away slowly. Instead, I warmed up with the rest by going up the B.A. hill, cross to the goat trail/stairs and back to the start. It was muddy but doable. Then we started new circuit...15's.
- Leg-drives and dips at the benches.
- drop-leg flies and push-ups at the mats.
- shoulder press, overhead extensions and curls at the bands.
- lunges and squats at the next station
- sprints up the "bitch", TWICE - wee, little hill that can slay even the hardiest of men!!!!
- return to start and resume count to 14. Repeat! Luckily, I was on my 6th pass of the bitch before Josh called us all back to the mats and water. We ended the hour with some solid abs work, with my new favourite (ask me tomorrow) of full sit up while laying with legs crossed . Ouch!

Picked up H-woman and the two of us headed to Vietnam Fortune for restorative pho and shrimp salad rolls. Oh, so good!!!

Now home, and trying to keep eyes open. Should hit the sack, since the alarm will be going off much earlier in the am than today. Sad.


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