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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I got nuthin...

Title-wise, that is. Couldn't seem to come up with anything clever anyway.

First off, let me say:

They are totally comfortable, I stayed upright and had a great boot camp experience. Best part is today I have no leg pain or any of the other symptoms people talk about while switching to barefoot training.

Speaking of boot camp, it was a really good class. Hot but good. It's amazing how hot +24C feels after months and months and months of cold, dreary, wet weather. I didn't want to say it out loud, but it was almost "too hot". Shhh....don't tell Mother Nature, she'll take it all away! Back to camp...Trainer Josh and I had a heart-to-heart at the beginning of class, as he voiced what I've been struggling with for weeks...despite running, boot camp and zumba, I am not losing anything. Not an ounce, not an inch. Of course, then I have to fess up to eating my feelings, which is totally ironic because the feeling is frustration over not losing weight! Vicious circle!!! BUT I did start the eLifestyles program this week. It is a 12-week program that gives you menus, food tips, lifestyle ideas, coaching, etc, to help meet your goals. It was a WagJag coupon (or Groupon, I forget) and I thought it couldn't hurt. I'm on 1,500 calories a day, which is difficult for a 12+ year points follower, but I'm entering the food into WW etools, and so far am eating within my points, as well as using the weekly points allowance for "treats". I was down a pound today (yahoo!) and am committed to staying focused. Goal is 10 pounds...that will get me back under 200, and then I can chip away at the next goal.

Boot camp had us running up the upper-bitch (where the stairs are), where we also did squats and hops up. My quads were totally po'd though, as I ran the Crescent Heights stairs the night before. We finished with some killer band work, more sprints, weights and wicked killer ab work (full sit-up with one leg extended out to the side....OW!).

Met up with my last Epicure hostess, closed her party and met the gang at the Barley Mill.'s barely summer and the place was so disorganized that we waited over an hour for our food. My medium-rare steak sandwich was well done and cool, but by that point I was chewing on the table so I ate it anyway. Hope they get it together.

Came home, and after entering said Epicure order, I finally crawled into bed about 11:30. The heat of the day combined with my own little "flashes" (I LOVE getting rocks) had me tossing all night, so when the alarm went off at 6 I reset it and went into work at 8:30. It was totally weird working till 5, but I needed the sleep.

Home, where I made this awesome meal for dinner. Okay, so I cheated on the salad (kit came with black beans, grated cheese, grilled corn and a smokey ranch dressing, which I used half), but the fish tacos are tilapia sprinkled with Epicure Guacamole seasoning and baked, and then the corn tortilla is smeared with a mix of sour cream and seasoning (just realized I totally forgot to slice the avocado - d-oh!) and a sprinkling of cheese. The salsa is a tomato, pineapple. jalapeno, cilantro and lime juice.

I ate and waited for awhile, before deciding I really was hungry, so made a dessert of a slider bun, a bit of Nutella and fresh raspberries. Devine! Sorry...couldn't get the picture to come out clear.

I am going to head to bed early tonight, as I can't sleep in tomorrow. I want to get to boot camp at 5, as this will be my third time this week. And fingers crossed that there's enough of us registered for zumba to start on Saturday!


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