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Monday, June 20, 2011


I know that I say boot camp hurts, but usually for far different reasons!

I decided that since tonight was the start of a new 6-week session, I would start wearing my Vibrams to class. I was wearing them inside during the winter classes, but wanted to get used to wearing them and actually running in them. Tonight may not have been the best evening to start!

It rained last night...okay, stormed is more like it. That left for muddy fields, and the Vibrams, in true "barefoot" fashion don't have the best grips!! We started with a run down the pathways, which actually felt okay. I was running with someone, who was grilling me about running and stuff (that was kind of cool...) and while we weren't going fast, we were running at a good pace. The legs and feet felt great. This would be when the rain started, again, by the way.

To try and keep us "dry" (our usual shelter was being used by a group having a picnic...yeah, that's what we'll call it), Trainer Josh took us up to the spot at the base of the Bitch. I'm still getting used to walking on rocks in these things (ouch, ooo, ouch), but I still ran up the Bitch several times, and felt okay. Coming back down I was a little unsure, as I felt myself slip a few times, but always caught my balance. We did pyramid squats, ran the hill, more squats, more hill, a brick of rows, lats, kick-backs and squat press and then run the hill (repeat two more times!!!). Between the humidity (the rain finally stopped), donating blood earlier today (I was past the 6-8 hrs of no exertion...almost...) I was struggling a bit, but as usual did my best to keep up with everyone.

Then it happened...we were on our way back to our mats, with everyone walking down the road. To avoid the rocks, I thought "aha, the little hill to the grass would be perfect"...I took two steps and then WHAMMO!!!! Both feet flew out from underneath me, and I landed right on my ass! HARD!!! I was covered with Garmin was dredged in it, I'm sure it got in my hair as my hat went flying, my arms, my legs... It's a good thing I can laugh at myself, because I was ready for everyone else to burst out when I finally caught up with all of them. "Oh, have something on your back". Hahahahahahahaha...whatever!

Finished up the hour, and then with a towel (I keep one in the truck) made it home in time to change and give the keys to my newest tenant. Then supper of crab sliders (fake crab, mayo, lite cream cheese on a slider bun) and some leftover potato salad. I finished cleaning up, and finding little wounds, and have been prone on the couch since. I should have done a load of laundry, but I'll do that tomorrow. I luckily have loads of running gear to choose from, as I am meeting up with M. for another run at 6.

My latest medal rack sums it all for me.



H-woman said...

Egad! Are you OK?!

Carol said...

I'm fine...left wrist is a little stiff, but not swollen or blue, so all is good. Bought the trail vibrams today though! No more splat for me!!!