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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Splat Prevention

These were what I was wearing yesterday during boot camp, hence my splatastic fall. Please note no grippies!!

Today I walked 3.66km to and from Gord's Running Store and picked up a pair of these. New Balance Minumus Trail shoes. Notice the grippies! Can't wait to try them out tomorrow.

Tonight I met up with M&M (two of the ladies from Sunday's run) for another run. We started out at Eau Claire and made our way east to Centre St. Up Centre St and then up a rather steep hill (did 15:15 to get to the top), circled around to the west, ran to Crescent Heights, and because one of the ladies hips were bothering her, we ran (vague description, as I walked!!) the Crescent Height staircase, otherwise referred to as Calgary's outdoor Stairmaster! One hundred and sixty-seven steps bottom to top, and one heck of a climb! We did three laps and then aimed ourselves for home. We had planned on one final loop of Prince's Island, but the hip still ached, so we finished at Eau Claire, with 3.51km under our belt. However, we did run for about 45 minutes, and since I was a soaking wet mess (no rain tonight!) also got our workout on.

Met up with some peeps from past running clinics and enjoyed an iced mocha before heading for home. Really should be in bed, but whatever reason, I sit here typing. I really must try going to bed sometime before midnight!!


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