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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dougie Fir fun

Tonight at boot camp we decided we needed to get away from the park, as every picnic area was filled with screaming children...oh, and their parental units! It was a nice Friday night and people were taking advantage of it. So off we went to run the Douglas Fir trail. This time, instead of stopping at the top, we kept going down the other side. Lots of stairs, tree roots, rocks, hills, climbs, descents, mud, puddles, trail. The storm that was blowing in blew right on buy us, and we stayed dry and cool in the deep forest that is the Douglas Fir. If you didn't know it, you would never guess that you were in the heart of a huge city, and just steps away from people's back yards! We finished our little run with a sprint down and back up a rather steep hill (the service road that leads up to Douglas Fir from the east) before returning on the trail to our mats, way back at Edworthy Park. The total run was just over 3.5km, but that could be wrong too, as Mr. Garmin doesn't really like hills all that much. Can't accurately count the distance up. Finished the class with some core work...v-sits, push-ups, planks, plank rows, drop-legs, toe touches and my personal favourite, v-sit to banana to scissors...all one move. OUCH!!!!

Stopped in at Walmart on the way home to pick up stuff for my niece's baby shower. Since the baby is still in the oven, and I don't know what they're having, I went totally neutral. Faceclothes, some sleepers, a hat/mitt/bootie set (all in Pooh motive) and a BIG box of diapers! I would have made a diaper cake, but I am so not motivated!! Tried that once, and it's harder than it looks. Well, not harder, but more fussy than I choose to be tonight! This is one I made a couple of years ago for my neighbour.

Found out Winterstart opened today, so I was among the first to get registered (41 at last count, and I know at least 15 of them). It's a 5-mile race in Banff, AB, in November at night and it is a blast! It's so cool to run along in the cool night air, watching glow sticks bopping along the road ahead of you. Okay, so there's a wicked hill you have to climb and then come back down, but it ends at the host hotel, where they turn the underground parking area into a beer garden for the racers! Beer and way to end a run! Then, that got me looking for the Resolution 5K Run, which is on New Year's Eve: also open, so I signed up right away. Instead of a shirt, you get a winter running jacket, and this year's colour is a nice blue. I have the bright orange of last year (call it my running/hunting jacket) and yellow from 2009, so it'll be nice to switch it up I am one of 6 people currently registered! But don't be sells out every year. Then I decided to get on it and sign up for the Alzheimer's 10k in October (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend). This one I will fund-raise for, but closer to the race date. So far it's me and one other lady registered! Could be a lonely run!! LOL!!

In case you've lost count, that's officially 19 races to the end of the year. I have run 8 to date, some good and some not so good. Some I run for fun (Winterstart, Rogue's Pirate run) and some for serious (Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto marathons). But mainly I run for me. And because I can.


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