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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday blah...

Normally I would be running tonight, but clinic is over and marathons are run. So, Tuesday is now a night off. I have really not moved from the couch since getting home, and it just feels...wrong.

I am still figuring out my new summer schedule, but I think it's going to look like this:
Monday - boot camp
Tuesday - a tempo run, probably after work, before I walk home. Means taking gear to the office. I could run from home, but I don't like the route as much - too much sidewalk running, meaning too many driveways and uneven pavement. I'll debate this with myself.
Wednesday - boot camp (but more importantly, meeting up with everyone afterwards at the pub!)
Thursday - off, but if Goodlife has drop in, maybe the occasional Zumba (Veronica teaches Thursday nights)
Friday - boot camp
Saturday - Zumba
Sunday - long, slow run or race, which is booked for the day.

I am focusing more on the boot camp this summer, as I need to get stronger and leaner to get faster. Fact of life...packing around 204.4 pounds for 42.2km is just plain hard work! There...I said it. That's what I weigh. I think the combination of the weights and cardio of boot camp is going to do far more for my weight loss efforts than just running. So amping it up. And I've already challenged Trainer Josh, who's ready for it. I believe his direct quote was "bring it"! It's on!

Still have the headache from Sunday, although slightly less intense today. I just wish if the weather were going to rain, it would rain already. This cloudy, hanging over greyness is wrecking havoc on my head and I need it to stop. It's painkiller time, and then off to bed.

Hoping everyone's day has been good. And a shout out to Amy for keeping it real.


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