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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Please Sir, may I have more?

Yes, I returned to boot camp tonight, after pushing myself through the hour last night. What was I thinking??

I was totally limp free today, so all the marathon kinks have been worked out. So, when we ran Douglas Fir (whimper) I was ready...okay, but I did manage to sort of keep up with all the youngen's who didn't run a marathon on the weekend!! That's gotta count for something, right?? After running the Fir, we set up for circuit from hell. Which is odd, because I thought that's what we did yesterday!

We broke into two groups, and started at the same spot. On the mats, with drop-leg overheads and then squat press. Fifteen count for everything, by the way. Group A (mine) then ran to the benches and with the bands did curls and lat pulls. Run to the next cone and lunges, then run up the hill (the wee bitch of a hill), next cone, squats, run back up the hill and then return back to the start (lunges, curls, lats, drop-legs and squats). Now switch with group B - after said drops/squats, run to next cone and do push-ups. Then lunge walk to benches, where we do leg-lifts, dips and incline push-ups. Jump rope to count of 50, then squats. Repeat backwards. Die on mat!! But wait, there's more! Then we did!!! I pay for this, right?!

And how hard core are we? The wind, rain and hail blew in, soaked us all to the skin, and not one of us stopped what we were doing and sought shelter! Just kept working through it. In fact the rain felt kind of nice!! Finished the class with some mat work (on very wet mats) before calling it a night. Can't wait for tomorrow night.

Home, rented my last suite (to the young lady who looked at it yesterday) and had some dinner of alpha-getties. I know...don't judge. I was hungry, and they are fast and delicious. I had loads of veggies at lunch...oh, and the new Mocha Coconut Frappuccino thingy from Starbucks. That may have been a mistake! I can ignore it...really I can. At least, I think I can.


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