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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday run and other musings

I decided to join up with some friends from previous clinics, for this mornings long, slow run. Since I'm not signing up for the next clinic, and pretty much everyone I know (and can keep up with!) were running elsewhere (Congrats to D.C. for his PB in the Winnipeg Marathon) or just enjoying one last weekend before the clinic starts, I was running with a group of wonderful ladies that I've never really run with before. While I was pacing at 5hr, or even to finish, these ladies were pacing at 4:30 or faster! I admit to being a little concerned as to how I would keep up, but I ended up setting the pace.

The forecast was for rain, although the sun was actually out. Or, at least I think it was the sun...ball of fire in the sky, but since we here in Calgary haven't seen a lot of it lately, I had to guess what it was! We took off to the west, heading to Shouldice Park, as the goal today was 20km. We were doing really well with the pace, averaging at nice 7:30 range, which is fast for me. The weather cooperated too, as it was warm and sunny, but humid. So odd for Calgary, and I do prefer it drier. Only got rained on once, for about 5 minutes, but by time, I was soaked with sweat anyway. Couldn't get much wetter, and the cooler temps were most welcome by this point. At least for hot little me!

I felt really good, until about the 16-17k mark. Not sure if it was my actual monitor, or me, but suddenly my heart-rate red-lined at 180-185. Decided to walk for awhile to try and bring the rate down, before running at a slower pace. Some ladies thought it was dehydration, and I think my nutrition could have been better (I didn't have any OJ to mix with my water this morning - took a gel though). Finished 20.4 at 2 hrs, 41 mins (12 minutes faster than the Half I did last week) but I knew I needed some food, FAST. After some stretching, I enjoyed chocolate milk (best recovery food, EVER), a bowl of fresh fruit salad and an egg wrap (eggs, cheese, bacon and green pepper in a wrap). Felt more human as soon as I got the milk in me. Rounded out the meal with a cup of coffee.

The ladies and I then sat and discussed future trail runs. They are all training for a 100km race in September...that's just crazy talk, if you ask me! But the trail runs make sense, and will most definitely shake things up for me. Can't wait to try out a few with them, schedule permitting.

Came home, showered and had some more water. Can't decide what to do (slight headache - I hate wearing hats) although I'm thinking a nap would be outstanding.

Happy Father's Day to all father's out there. Hug your Dad, if you can. I do miss mine today.


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Father's Day is a tough one for me.