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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st

Where in God's name did September go?!  And what happened to my week???

Okay, here goes:
Tuesday - boot camp at Weaslehead, despite "bear sightings" signs posted right where we work out.  Yes, we are that hard core...bring on the da bear...we can take him!  And no, it's not odd that there is a bear sighting in the city.  Weaslehead is a natural area, and the animals, furry, clawed and all, follow the river in from the mountains.  In fact, a very sizable cougar was treed in the same park just a week ago (no, NOT.ME!) and taken back to the mountains.  We ran sprints up and down Weaslehead, did our usual circuits of pain (curl to shoulder press to controlled 2), introduced the Starfish (flat on your back, like a starfish, and rise up touching opposite hand to foot - this one is hard!) and finished feeling great.  Starting to sweat out Banff.

Wednesday - boot camp at Edworthy.  Head up the BA hill, then to the stairs for some drills (side squat up, jump up, sprint up...) before running a goat trail that Josh loves.  Get it while we can...once it snows, no more goat trail!  Returned for circuits...oh boy...more curls/presses/drops, and more Starfish.  I may cry...  Met up with the gang at Barley Mill for my Wednesday usual.

Thursday: I tried my best, but I still ended up in a pissy mood because of the damn digital devil at Weight Watchers.  I know I indulged in Banff, but I went into meeting with my clothes feeling loose and my scale at home showing no change from last Thursday.  Their scale...another story.  Fine, it was only 1.2 pounds and I will get rid of it, but still...I was pissy.  Took my pissy mood right into boot camp, and gave Josh full permission to push me till I puked.  He held back though, since I'm sure he knew I was punishing myself for this fail more than he ever could.  I did still run 13 laps of this!
Oh, and more of my fave curl/press/drops and starfish!  After everyone left, and I vented to the ladies about my weight, I decided to let Mama Nature remind me that life is indeed good.

Friday: it's Friday, Friday, Friday...that's all of the song I know.  Or care to know, for that matter!  Work week is done, as is the month of September.  Wow!  Had an appointment with my doctor to discuss my blood work.  All is fact, everything is normal, but cholesterol is a touch high.  However, she pointed out that my HDL (the good stuff) is nice and high, which is what is driving up the total number.  She's not concerned, and said to come back when I'm "at my peak (meaning weight goal/fitness goal)" and we'll test again to see the positive changes.  I do have to have my potassium checked again though, as that is high.  I do eat a lot of salmon, milk, bananas, but I always thought that was something us runners sweat out.  She just wants to make sure it's an anomaly and not something more serious.  Went to boot camp with the hiking/running ladies Friday night, and since it was just the four of us (MS couldn't make it) Josh designed a class just for us.  All weights and core, with no running.  It was a great, hardcore sweat-fest and we didn't even run a whole kilometre.  It was awesome.

So that brings me to today.  Got up bright and early and met the ladies (except for S. today...working) for a nice 18km LSD.  It was on the cooler side, and it even rained a bit, but overall a perfect fall morning for a run with a great group of ladies.   The link above shows the course and deets.

Met up with D afterwards, who was running with his group, and we all hung out having a late breakfast.  I had an egg wrap (really must watch the egg intake...), fruit salad and latte.  Went off to vote for our provincial leader (round two of the voting process), picked up some supplies at Walmart and Safeway, and got home at 3 or so.  Where did my day go??  Dinner was a salad tossed with feta and Greek olives, tomato, artichokes and pork tenderloin souvlaki.  Also brought home a new Mr. Garmin 405 today (, so I'm going to take him hiking tomorrow and see how he works out.

Deets tomorrow from Picklejar Lake.  And yes, I'm taking pickles to snack on!  Why wouldn't I?!


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