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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Fine Friday

Watched some rain today, and some attempt for the clouds to clear.  So far the forecast for Sunday has improved a bit, with it just being cloudy and cool.  If the rain holds off, that will be perfect.

Got up nice and lazily today, waking up when I felt like it and not to any alarm.  It was still at 8am, but since I made it bed before midnight, I still had a solid 8 hours of sleep.  Glorious!  Had some coffee, and then watched as Cathy prepared me a Jamaican favourite of salt fish and ackee, with hard dough bread.  It was different and quite yummy.

Me like like bread (especially white and decadent!) intrigued by ackee.  It was all very good together.  Also had a couple of slices of Easter spice bun with buttah.  Mmmm...spicy goodness.  Carb loading...I am carb loading!!

There was some more rain in the morning, and then the weather calmed again, in time for Cathy and I to head over to the local mall for some retail therapy.  Before we left the house, Cathy also made two batches of pizza dough, for our planned supper tonight.  After wandering the mall, and wondering how on earth some children make it out of their homes dressed the way they are (I saw a pair of "shorts" at one store that made me just shake my head), I bought myself a couple more tops and a pair of pants at Reitman's, my favourite store.  Met up with one of Cathy's children and friend, and after a quick stop for pizza fixings and dessert, we came home to roll out dough, chop veggies and pepperoni, throw together a salad and toast up some garlic bread.  Dinner was AWESOME.  Homemade pizza ROCKS.  We ended up with four varieties...pepperoni, pepperoni & mushroom, all loaded (salami, green pepper, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, olives & tomatoes) and a "what ever was left over".  Sorry, no pictures...nothing to see here, folks.  After cleaning up, Cathy and I went out for another lap of the neighbourhood, enjoying  the evening. 

Now we're home, sitting on the couch, side by side blogging,  facebooking and catching up on news, while watching Calgary and Toronto play football, fittingly enough!  Toronto had a great second quarter, but Calgary appears to have been yelled at enough at half-time that they have come back and really played well in the third quarter.  Now only down 9 points, with 15 minutes to play.  Go Stamps Go!!  Made even better with dessert of chocolate fudge ice cream and chocolate chip cookies...more carb loading.

Heading to the Expo tomorrow to pick up my race gear, see what's new in running (and see how this one compares to Edmonton, which was rather lack-luster), and then off to the St. Lawrence Market.  Is it funny that each day I've been in town, I've spent it at a food market?!  Not to me!!  I can't wait to see this market I've heard about all these years.  Then home for dinner, lay out my gear, hydrate, get to bed  and figure out my game plan to ensure I at least beat this guy.   Wish me luck...he's got a few years on me.


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