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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thar be Pirates!

Just in time for Halloween, I participated in the 2nd Annual Rogue's Run in Calgary.  Started last year, by our former marathon clinic instructor Garrath as a way raise money for causes near and dear to him (this year Kid's Sports), he decided that there just weren't enough races for Pirates and he should do something about that!  In runner's terms, a Rogue runner is someone who has entered into a race without the benefit of purchasing a bib.  Kind of ironic I suppose that we all purchased bibs to run in a race that celebrates running without purchasing bibs...wait, is that right?!  My head hurts!

 Me and me parrot are ready to run (luckily I could see through the patch!)

 And we're off!  Some people really got into the spirit of the race!

 Even the wee ones had a 1km Runt's Race.

 S. and I "walking holding the plank".  Fooled Garrath (in the background) as we are both boot campers extraordinaire!!  Haha!!  I think my toe gave out before the rest of me, and S. won the jacket - we both already have one, but it is a nice coat to run in.  In hunting season!

Umm.....I have no words...none.

All in all another great day spent outside and having fun.  Didn't push it too hard, and finished the 10km in 71 minutes.  Not bad, considering running in a costume and with a very, very, very sore toe!  Luckily it went numb at about the 2k mark, and didn't really hurt till I put some pressure on it (the planking didn't help).  I had two nurses look at it (okay, my friends, and by "look" I mean glance down and say ouch) who both confirmed that there is nothing to be done with it, except to watch the nail turn black and fall off.  Trust me...won't be my first.  Or my last!

After the run and a nice lunch/gab session, I took Mom for a much-needed hair cut, to stock up on her Purdy's supply and to get food for her fur-children.  Then it was home, putter around, make a nice dinner of roast chicken strips, roasted eggplant with tomatoes, rosemary and feta cheese and some roasted butternut squash.  Packed up lunch for another hike in the mountains, and then hit the sack around 11pm.  I heart my weekends.


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