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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boot Camp catch up

In all the excitement of Thanksgiving and holidays, I completely forgot about boot camp.  Oh, not forgetting to go, just forgetting to blog about it!

Holiday Monday had one class at 9:30 at North Glenmore, and it was a BIG class...I think there were are least 20 of us there.  We did a good old-fashioned circuit, with some side shuffles and sprints thrown in for fun.  Left at the end of the hour sweaty and exhausted, and still basking in the glory of my PB on Sunday.  Did a little running around for Mom (Purdy's run) and then took her back to North Glenmore, so she could see the fall colours.  Met up with H-woman, and ended up at Sunterra again for supper.  The two of us had our "Thanksgiving" dinner there on Sunday, enjoying some delicious roast turkey, potatoes and stuffing without all the dirty dishes and clean up!  Monday night I had TexMex chicken on brown rice and spinach.  It was good but nothing to do cartwheels over.

After a day at home, and on the computer/phone switching my flight out to Toronto and then feeling flustered because everything I had planned to do suddenly seemed insurmountable in the time given, I went to boot camp, anxious to sweat some more.  Again at North Glenmore, we did a run to warm up and then hit our circuits for a little 150.  One.hundred.and.fifty squats, one.hundred.and.fifty curls, one.hundred.and.fifty push-ups, one.hundred.and.fifty sit-ups and one.hundred.and.fifty lat pulls.  Granted, not all at once, but in multiples of 50/40/30/20/10 and mixing the 5 moves up.  Just to make sure that we kept our heart rates up, we did 15 burpees and sprints in between the was a good day for sweating!  Came home, straightened up the house a bit, and packed for the trip.  My goal was to take everything carry-on, and I did just that.

Since I was flying out at 1pm, I went to the 9:30 class again at North Glenmore.  Yes, I know, some people may have actually taken a day off from boot camp, but I will be missing THREE whole classes!  Okay, okay, I know I'll be running a little bit on Sunday to make up for it, but still...that three hours of boot camp I'll never get back!  We did another round of circuit work,  which was hard as my legs were still feeling all the squats from Tuesday.  But plowed through all the lunges and 1-legged squats, step-ups, Wal-marts (roll-backs) and triceps work to finish the hour.  Drove straight to the airport, checked in with the e-boarding pass (okay, that's cool!) and changed there.  Took my Gravol, had a bite to eat and tried my best to stay awake long enough to actually get on the plane.  I heart Gravol!

With all the eating I've been doing here (carb loading people...) I really needed the walk that Cathy and I went on tonight.  We took the pup around the neighbourhood for a couple of km's.  But the food's been so good...Pho last night on the way home from the airport (not Vietnam Fortune, but good), salad and homemade butternut squash soup for lunch, dim sum for snack (don't go to a very large, ethnic grocery store's just bad!) and Trinidadian Roti for dinner.  Yum...  Oh, and Cathy is making me a Jamaican salt cod  meal for breakfast in the morning.  Can't wait!  Also bought myself 4 bottles of the coconut curry sauce I found here last year, which I'll mail  home over the weekend.  Now I won't have to ration quite so much.  Oh boy!  Now I just need Ocean's to open a store in Calgary and all will be right with the world again.  Or I just have to drive to the burbs and check out T&T to see if they have the same selections.

Not sure what's happening tomorrow, other than homemade pizza for fact, we've planned out most of the food for my visit!  It's a good thing I'm  running for 5+ hours on Sunday after all!!


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