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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indoor vs Outdoor

Alas, it is that time of year when us hardy boot campers grab our weights and mats and move to the dry, warm safety of indoors.  Boo...  I, as a person who sweats like a mother bear, and is freaking hot all.the.time (menopause has been a blast thus far, let me tell you!), actually prefer working out in Mama Nature's great outdoors, but I do feel for Trainer Josh, who isn't moving around as much as we do.  So indoors we go.

I am sticking to the 5 times a week (13" lost over 12 weeks do not lie), so will be splitting the classes between two locations again.  One is new to's a church that's close to home, and has a real gymnasium attached to it.  This will be home base three times a week, and we used pretty much the whole church to get our sweat on.  Did that sound creepy??  It wasn't meant to sound creepy.  We ran laps around the gym, then out to the stairwell, down to the basement area, around there and back up.  Several times, as a matter of fact.  We were good and warm by then.  We then split into two groups (two trainers for the price of one) with those of us staying with Josh working on our upper body.

Now, I've been to almost 60 classes in the last 12 weeks (missed a few due to rain/Toronto) and yet I am totally feeling last night's workout.  I was actually sitting at my desk today, thinking "it hurts to breathe"...not heart attack hurt, but tight, stiff muscles hurt.  I think it has something to do with the traveling push-ups we did across the gym...three times!  After much lifting and pushing, we swapped trainers and went downstairs with Trainer Michelle.  There we concentrated on lower body, doing step-ups on the stairs, hopping 1-legged up the staircase (seriously difficult), hopping up with both feet (Michelle challenged me to hop up 2 instead of one, but I like my teeth right where they would not have been pretty otherwise!), squats, lunge to kicks, and other stuff that will all make me a stronger runner. 

Tonight was back to Rosscarrock Community Hall...not quite as nice as the church, but again, it's indoors and Trainer Josh makes it work.  The one thing with indoors is what we lose in running, we make up for in lifting.  Lots and lots and lots of lifting!!  Left both classes soaked to the skin, and feeling the burn.

Last week at Weight Watchers, Leader F. introduced a 7 week challenge to our group.  We picked a goal for each individual week, whether it's to lose, maintain or even gain (say, the week of a party), as well as what we want to get out of the 7 weeks.  Then we had to support our goals for the first 3 weeks with what we were going to do to get there.  So here's mine:

1.  -2 - journal every day
2.  -1 - 7+ hours sleep/night x 5 nights
3.  -2 - bring breakfast/lunch x 3 days minimum
4.  -2
5.  -1
6.    0 (weigh in after our Christmas party)
7.   -2
Total loss: 10 pounds

I have been journalling, after falling off the habit of late, but have not been a superstar at it either.  Just need to get back into the habit, so along with the 7 weeks, here goes a 21-day challenge (takes 21 days to form a habit, good or bad).  I will journal every bite, lick and taste EVERY DAY for the next 21 days.  Worked for flossing for me (closing in on 3 years without missing a night, after starting with just 21 days!). 

On that note, updating my journal and then going to bed.


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