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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First week of Fall

For a first week of Fall, it's been a glorious example of perfection.  Okay, so I could have done without the +29C temps on Saturday, but today is +18C, the sun is shining and it looks perfect out.  I, of course, am now trapped at my desk, stuck indoors, due to a last minute crisis at work that needs to be dealt with.  "I'm on it!!"  That should be my battle cry!  Oh, well, I'll get my fill of Fall when I hit up boot camp later.

I really needed last night's class, although the run up Douglas Fir and the Bitch Path repeatedly, especially after Melissa's, was a little taxing on the legs.  While I didn't make the poorest of choices while playing in Banff this weekend, I didn't make the best either, and really felt my over-indulgence when I woke up yesterday.  I felt bloated and lethargic, and Mr. Scale was.not.kind!  I've been doing my best to eat clean ever since, and am getting the water in.  Flush it all out, please.

I am happy to report that my new shoes and socks did great at Melissa's on Saturday.  Nary a blister or sore to speak of.  I did break two cardinal rules that day, running in both new shoes and socks (a type I have never tried before, being sort of compression) but I survived.  The running gods were smiling upon me.

Boot camp last night may have been a small group, but we were hard core!  After warming up on Douglas Fir (right to the top this time), we returned to a good old circuit of add-ons.  Started with step-ups, then push-ups, then jump rope, then dips.  Return to start...add curl/press/drops (I don't know what to call these...curl up, then press the weights, then control the drop back down the front with arms straight), do push-ups, add foot crunches (again, don't know what they're called, but when you crunch, you touch your fingers to the bottom of your feet (knees to chest)), add sumo squats, skip, dips, add incline presses.  Return to start, and repeat...adding lat raises, adding toe touches, adding skaters, adding leg-drivers, return to start.  Black out...wait, that may have just been me!

Then, for kicks, we grabbed our weights and moved up to the base of the Bitch path.  There we did bent-over rows, flies and up the path.  Repeat...times 3.  Again, with the blacking out thing!  Finished the day with weighted toe touches, banana hold and scissor kicks.  Then some good old fashioned sit ups and negatives and another hour has flown by. 

Since I was meeting up with H-woman for dinner (noodles, sans the actual noodles for me!  So...broth, chicken and vegetables!), but not for another hour, I decided to wander through the dog park and take some fall pictures.  Is it weird to wander through a dog park without a dog?!  Some of the dogs seemed to think so, as they just did not know what to think about me!  Run up wagging, then stop and look at me like "wait a minute...something doesn't smell right here..." and then back away slowly!  Not sure whether to be offended or not!

This is part of the dog park at Edworthy...

Top of the BA Hill, viewing from the south...

Road down into Edworthy Park...


Had dinner, a good long visit and then home.  Not sure what I did to totally waste my evening, but didn't do anything once home, yet didn't make it to bed until 11:30!  And I wonder why I'm always tired.

Tonight's boot camp should be equally fun/punishing...we're meeting up at Weaslehead, which means more hills...I'll try to take some snaps of it.


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