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Friday, October 28, 2011

Physics 101

f = m x a

Or, force = mass x acceleration.  A lesson I would have done well to remember last night.  That and the silly one about gravity, inclines and round objects. 
Now, I know it's hard to tell from my "regular" ugly runner's toes, but the purplish red one is the direct result of a 10 lb weight dropping from a height of roughly 2' and ricocheting off my foot!!  I so badly wanted to drop many, many f-bombs, but I was standing beside a nice new boot camper, who I didn't know at all (and didn't want to scare!), so I was a lady.  I may have muttered "oo, that smarted", and insisted "no, no, I'm fine" as I chased said weight as it rolled across the parking lot (mocking me the whole way - see above gravity mention), and then hopped every so lightly into the truck, so that I could cry in peace on the way home!!!  What a way to ruin a perfectly good boot camp session.  Although I am happy I was wearing my more substantial Asics, rather than my minimallists (hard cement floors in this hall), otherwise it could have been far uglier!

This morning's walk into work was a little on the slow side, as the swelling really blossomed under the pressure of walking.  I wore my 'birks (of course...there's no snow on the ground...yet) so that helped, as did the Advil and trying to keep the foot elevated during the day.  It was fun watching the colour change throughout...kind of like those space rocks we used to get and put in water to watch them "grow". that only me that remembers those?! 

I haven't decided if I'm running the 10km in the morning, getting as far as I can and walking it, or swabbing the poop deck for Captain Garrath - yes, of former marathon clinic instructor fame - he who hates boot camp to begin with...why do I feel like I've just handed him a pack of matches to throw on the gasoline that is my busted foot?!  It is a race for us inner Pirates, and I have my costume all laid out and ready to roll.  Would hate to waste it standing on the sidelines.  No worries...there be pictures and stories to tell, that'd be sure.

Boot camp tonight was a bit slower as well, as my toe was certain to tell me what it didn't like...running around the gym, going down the stairs (up wasn't bad), lunges off that leg, jumping rope...oh, and getting into plank on the exercise ball.  Once in plank, we were fine, it was just any time that I put direct pressure on it.  Told Josh it happened subconsciously as a way to punish myself for yesterday's weight gain.  Could be true.

Getting frustrated again, as I've lost 13" so far, but the pounds have stalled, yet again.  Or, I'm just being a dunderhead and not wanting to pay attention to my food intake.  Either way, I want to make some serious headway on the poundage, as it doesn't matter how lean I am, hauling almost 200 lbs around a marathon is still going to slow me down.  It's on, stomach o' is most definitely ON!


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