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Friday, October 21, 2011

Long week

My work week started on Thursday, and it's been the longest week ever!  Took me all day, seriously, just to go through my emails.  I was only gone 7 days, people.  This does not bode well for when I actually change my job and no longer deal with my current responsibilities.  Hopefully Monday will start much better.  Fingers crossed.

Last two days of outdoor boot camp as well this week.  Sad am I.  Granted, I won't be so sad when we're under a big blanket of snow, but I do prefer working out in Mother Nature, as opposed to the stuffy, hot indoor environment. 

Last night was at North Glenmore, and at the staircase.
It was the happy good times drill of exercise set followed by 2 laps (1 lap = up & down...sadly, not just up!) of the stairs. 

Here goes (reps of 12), oh and this is after a warm-up run that started up the Bitch Squared (the bitch squared...hill at N. Glenmore that as steep but twice as long as Edworthy's Bitch Path):
   1: dips, incline push-ups, 1-legged squats (6 each leg)
       2 laps of stairs
   2: seated row, lat pull, curls
       2 laps of stairs
   3: shoulder press, extensions, reverse curls (facing out)
       2 laps of stairs
 - quietly throw up somewhere...oh wait, was that just me??
   4: toe touches, overhead drop-legs, scissors
       2 laps of stairs
   5: lunges, squats, burpees (my personal favourite!)
      2 laps of stairs...or enjoy fact that front runners finished and I only had to do 1 lap when Trainer Josh called time.  Of course, it does mean I missed #6: v-sit shoulder press, push-ups and full body bike, followed by 2 laps of the stairs.  Add it to my "I owe" list.  After a quick drink, we "got tough" and changed the reps to 20, we did groups 1 & 2, then a lap up and down Bitch2.  Groups 3 & 4, lap up and down Bitch2.  Groups 5 & 6, you know how this ends...  Some ab work to finish, and we're done with North Glenmore till spring.  Bye..

And sadly tonight was the last night at Edworthy till spring.  To boot, only 3 of us showed up.  That made me more sad...last night in the park, and Tabata Friday and only 3 of us?!  What was up with that?!  Warm up run up the BA Hill (how I shall miss thee...), through the dog park and down the "stairs" and trail to the start. 

Tabata Friday really makes the class go quick, but in a giving mood, Trainer Josh made sure we properly said good-bye to the one and only original Bitch Path!  Interspersed in our sets of tabata (curls, step-up shoulder press to reverse lunge - man, those take some kind of concentration and coordination! - inside/outside squats, weighted 1-leg squats, rows to flies, full body bike and toe touch crunches), we also heard (oddly, with Trainer Josh's voice) the Bitch calling us to come run on her, with a couple of jaunts up to take in her majestic fall beauty.  Or at least what I could see through my dizzy, lack of oxygen, haze!

As usual, Trainer Josh had us all laughing, usually at my expense!  Granted, I've continued to return to him for over 3 years now, so my feelings are never hurt, and I usually laugh the loudest.  Tonight's was a classic, as we were discussing running and enjoyment and form.  I mentioned that I have been told by people that I have good form running, and Josh's zinger was (gosh, I hope I get this right)..."of course, you run in slow motion, so they have loads of time to critique you..."   hahahaha...  I'll show marathon...5:19!!  Take THAT!

Before we left for the night, we did take the measurements again.  I cannot believe I have done 12 weeks of 5x a week boot camp now.  I really only missed 3 classes in total, which is pretty darn good.  I am totally feeling stronger and leaner, and I'm anxious to see what this session's numbers look like.  I'll keep you all informed.  And yes, I will be signing up for another 30 classes, starting on Monday. 

My addiction could be worse, couldn't it?!


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