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Monday, October 17, 2011

Last day in Toronto

Woke up today feeling pretty good...pretty damn good, actually!  Don't get me wrong.  My legs quickly reminded me this morning that they had indeed run a marathon less than 24 hours earlier.  However, I was able to get out of bed (which is pretty low to the ground) and climb in and out of the tub for a shower, as well as...wait for it...walk down from the second floor to the main level like a normal person, without having to go down backwards or on my butt!!  Yay for overall training!

After I got dressed (everyone in the house was at work or school when I got up at 9am), I walked a couple of km to the local mall, and found myself a big old 6-shot latte at Starbucks.  The barissta did question the high number of shots, but the look of sheer desperation from me quickly had him brewing the beloved espresso!  I supplemented that with the turkey bacon breakfast sandwich and then went in to the post office to mail off my Mango Coconut Curry sauce (I only have carry on, so couldn't just bring them home with me) and then wandered the mall a bit more.

Walked back to the house, where Cathy was home from work for the day.  Joys of part time shifts.  After she had a bite to eat, we decided to head off to another mall, just to do some wandering.  I wanted to keep moving today, to help the legs continue to heal from the run.  We wandered around, Cathy buying a few things, and me getting ideas for a dress for my upcoming Christmas Year End Celebration party.  There are days I really hate being politically correct.  Anyway, I can't  decide between long or cocktail length, but will most likely wait till closer to the date (end of November). 

We then hit  up another mall area, before heading home to chili, rice, tortilla chips and salad.  Cathy actually made the chili on Saturday, so it's been sitting and melding flavours since then.  Nom, nom, nom...  I have eaten very well since my arrival here. 

In fact, I must throw a HUGE shout out to Cathy and her family for being the best hostess and clan, and for being awesome race support.  There's not a lot of people (runners included here) that would get up at the crack of stupid on a Sunday, drive a half-asleep runner into town, fighting traffic, and then hang out in downtown Toronto for a long time waiting for said runner to return to the finish line.  And making sure there is a "carb" appropriate meal the night before, my special dietary needs for race day are met, my special dietary needs for AFTER the race is met (Cathy, God bless her, was waiting with chocolate milk for me!), a warm bed and a fuzzy fur-baby for me to cuddle.  Okay, so the dog isn't a required need, but is a great bonus!!!  Thank you, one and all, Cathy and fam.  You guys all rock my world.

And remember that, Cathy, when you're driving a slightly quiet, grumpy me to the airport at 4:45 in the A-effen-M!  Blech...


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Cathy said...

I am sitting here in the family room, eating leftover chinese food and drinking my cup of tea. I have put in a few loads of laundry and guess what???????


(it's too damm quiet)

Until next year!!!