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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marathon T-3 days

Let the countdown begin!  Thanks to the potential strike by the flight attendants, scheduled for 6 hours before MY flight, I did some last minute scrambling and switched to come into town yesterday.  Yes, it caught me off guard, as I was enjoying the mini-holiday at home, but I wanted to get to Toronto.  Hopefully the flight home next week won't be as traumatic!  Of course, the strike didn't happen, but it could still...we'll be closely watching the news over the weekend.  And thanks to some super-duper adult Gravol, I landed in Toronto vomit free!  Trust me, that's a big deal!!

Right now in Brampton, where I am staying with Cathy from At the Park, it's cloudy and cool.  Perfect running weather!  Fingers crossed that it holds out for Sunday...I'd rather no rain, but the cloudy conditions are perfect for me.  Going to head down to expo on Saturday, so will see more of the course and what to expect then.

The sun is trying to shine through the clouds, so we should head out and enjoy it while we can.


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