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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home sweet home

While I truly love Cathy and her family, and Toronto holds fond memories for me (two marathons, two PB's), I was ever so happy when the plane banked yesterday morning and there they mountains!!  Sparkling in the morning sunshine, all capped in white, standing tall against the clear blue sky.  I was home.  Again, Gravol is a wonderful thing!  Just sayin...

I got home, unpacked, cuddled with my fur-baby, and then walked down to meet up with H-woman and her mom, before H. heads to...wait for it...Toronto (ships in the night, we are) for the Niagara marathon on the weekend.  I would love to do this one, as it's an International race, where you cross the border from Buffalo, New York into Niagara Falls, Canada, point to point.  Maybe next year.  We'll see what H-woman has to say about it.  After catching up, and a coffee, I headed for home and changed for boot camp.  Oh, how I missed that too.  Never mind I had a "little run" on Sunday, I was itching to throw some weights around.

Last night was at North Glenmore, and it was a perfect fall day in Calgary.  We did our warm-up run, and then got right into the circuit, alternating between our free weights and bands, doing a lot of shoulder and upper body work.  A LOT.  The hour flew by though, and then it was home to a dinner of baba ganoosh (eggplant dip) and pepper strips, and the best Shepherd's pie I have ever had.  I was hungry, it was already warm, and the amount of mashed potatoes on top amounted to about a quarter of a cup.  The beef was lean (not ground) and tender.  It was delicious!

Got up this morning nice and late, as I had one more day off to chill.  Had coffee, tried the Oikos Greek Yogurt (new to me), and while it was as thick as the Liberte, it was 2 grams of fat per serving.  Piled on the fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, melons) and enjoyed the last of the spice bun which I brought home from TO.  Then I watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner with Kathryn Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier.  What a good movie...very intense subject, considering the year it was made.  Quite enjoyed it.  Finally, after nearly falling asleep on the couch, I realized I had to get ready for boot camp.

Back at Edworthy Park (haven't been there in so long), so it was the final Wednesday to do the BA Hill and the stairs.  We move indoors next week...  Again, it was a perfect fall day, but the BA Hill, she almost won today!!  My lungs were on fire by the time I got to the top...I would have expected the legs to have issues, but it was the lungs crapping out today.  Went over to the stairs, where we did some drills (side squats up, a couple of up & down and then finally the goat trail to the bottom and back) before hooking up with Trainer Josh.  He was running a little late, but most of us have done this so many times, he knew we'd look after ourselves.  Back to our mats, where we did a 15/20/25 circuit.  Full body bike to drop legs flies to push-ups.  Run to the next area where we did dips to incline press to step ups.  Run to next area, where we did shoulder press to extensions to curls.  Repeat at the next rep #.  Repeat at the final rep #.  Collapse on ground...wait, that may have just been me!!  Finished with some abs and we were done...the hour literally flew by. 

I was joking that I should do the two back to back classes, to make up for the ones I missed while down east running...sadly, only my friend M. showed up for the 6pm class, so I thought I couldn't leave her there all alone.  So, yes, I did TWO boot camps tonight!  Luckily, Trainer Josh didn't make us run, but we did repeat the 15/20/25 circuit, and added on some squats, lunges, tree sits, curls to shoulder press to control down, moving plank (hands to elbows, repeat), and other fun good times that have my shoulders actually whimpering right now. 

Met up with the gang at the Barley Mill for the usual Wednesday night supper of mussels, salad and Guinness.  J. from boot camp is also running Niagara this weekend (the Half) and another friend G. will be running his first Half in St. Louis as well.  Good luck to them both...they're going to kill it.

Back to work tomorrow...guessing I'll have roughly 200+ emails to sort through when I get it.  Will most definitely need the big coffee from Starbucks to get me through!  Wish me luck...


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