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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Where has the week gone?

Busy Monday, came home and was in bed by 10pm.

Boot Camp Tuesday: 1st time indoors - jury is still out on that one. Bed early as well.

Wednesday - after donating blood at work in the morning, I met up with everyone at the usual Wednesday pub for the marathon completion celebration party. I won "best bling" 1 pound medal easily kicked all the puny medal's butts!!

Tonight: after spending 3.5 hours setting up and decorating our "Haunted House" at work, I whipped home, via Shopper's Drug Mart (more stuff), then off to Value Village (a mask for tomorrow's costume # 2) and lastly Walmart - even more stuff.
Came home and had dinner of McDonald's (after today's weigh-in debacle, I surprised myself with that choice, but it was 9pm and I was hungry!) before whipping up pumpkin cheesecake and gathering everything else I need to take into work.

I will be up at the crack of stupid tomorrow to drive, and haul everything in to work. Finish up the final touches on the Haunted House, run around driving people crazy with costume #1 (Sue Sylvester from Glee!), have Potluck (I just finished baking said cheesecakes), change into costume #2 (scary death dude) and then run the Haunted House from 2-4pm, doing my best to make people scream like little girls! Then it's tear down and meet up with H-woman for dinner and a much needed catch-up gab session.

I'm tired already...


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