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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mountain Retreat, day 4

After falling into bed at 10:30 the night before, totally spent from an early wake-up, BEST.RUN.EVER, lunch, couple of pints, soak in the hot springs, etc, I slept GOOD! And woke up feeling fresh, and not too bad, leg wise.

Made a big pot of coffee and puttered around, chatting with the girls about our plans for the day. H-woman had to return to Calgary at some point, as sadly she had to work. And M. had to return to her home to get ready to return to work herself, but was facing a two-hour drive. So we decided to forage for some breakfast and then go for a walk, to help loosen things up a bit.

Day didn't dawn as crystal clear as the day before, but the wind was also far less. I guess we get one or the other up here. At least it wasn't snowing!

We walked a couple of klicks, finding a nice spot to settle down and take in our surroundings. H. demonstrates Tree pose...

After returning to the condo, we then foraged for lunch (leftovers! Yum!!) and M. packed up and took off. Shortly afterwards, so did H., and I was once again alone in the mountains. I decided I wanted to walk into town, so strapped on Mr. Garmin, grabbed the camera and off I went.

I mentioned the pathway system earlier, and it really is quite wonderful, as it weaves it's way through the outlying neighbourhoods, past some pretty swanky homes, and follows the river. According to Mr. Garmin, it is exactly 6km from the start of the path by the condo to the south end of Main Street in Canmore. So now we know!

Still took some pics along the way, despite the odd showers that sprinkled on me here and there...

Again, Canmore was a mining town, and there is still evidence of that. I did not go in...who knows who or what lives in there now!

Once in town, I wandered up and down Main Street, buying myself a really nice running shirt (50% off - score!), some product from Rocky Mountain Soap Company (and confirming when my absolute favourite sugar scrub, Spicy Mandarin, will be available again...I am stocking up this year!), doing some window shopping and heading into Sobey's once more to pick up a few more things for my supper tonight.
Passed this dude along the way...

And this guy on the way back...again, ode to mining.

Since the skies were threatening to open up again, I thought I should high-tail it back home. After all, I now had a bunch of stuff to carry (purchases, groceries) and 6km to hike. Off I went, pretty much tucking the camera away for this walk. Although I did pull it out for this one how this looks.

Only got wet a couple of times on the walk home, but my legs were now tired and I was ready to flop on a couch.
Since H. doesn't know how to cook small, there was loads of leftovers, which I decided to turn into a curry stew of sorts. I added some coconut milk to slop it up, and with my extra naan, enjoyed a lovely dinner, along with the last of the tandoori chicken. Yum, yum, yum.

Watched the Amazing Race on TV...seriously, could they find dumber people this time?!?! Holy mother..."what country are you in?"...London... It's going to be a long race!
Totally chilled and relaxed, I enjoyed the last glass of wine (I did bring home 2 of the 3.5 bottles, so no panicking, people!), watched TV and went to bed.
Why don't I live here????

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