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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last clinic run...

Boo...sad...but it means that we are all ready for our various races. Of course, it also means no more clinics with uber-runner Garrath leading the helm. I am of mixed emotions...I am pumped and ready for Toronto (11 sleeps) but feeling very blue about losing an instructor that has helped me shave, at the very least based on current training levels, over an hour and a half off my race time! Very sad indeed...he was helping me get to Boston! Which I will still do, of course.

After speed work (4 laps of 1km, average pace of 6:45 - just could not slow down!) I did stop at the pub for a pint (or two) with the peeps. It was a small clinic tonight as many are travelling already to their various races.

So, to everyone running this weekend: Good luck, run hard and finish strong in:
Portland, OR
Chicago, IL
Kelowna, BC
Victoria, BC
Athens, Greece (2,500 anniversary of the original run!)

In the meantime, in an effort to make sure I get enough sleep and rest between now and the 17th, I am shutting down and going to bed.


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