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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mountain Retreat, day 5

What to do on my last day in town? Besides cleaning up the condo and loading up the car, that is! Got that all done before noon, so decided to head up to Grassi Lakes area to visit my ex. Some may recall that he passed away suddenly, at the very too young age of 46, last summer. His mother had let me know that this is where he rests now, and I finally took the time to go see him.

Because I was alone and had to get back to Calgary by 5, I didn't do the whole hike (about 2 hours), instead opting to walk to the base of the falls. I'll come back another nice day and do the hike with someone next time (too many critters in the forest to walk it alone).

It's very easy to feel God, or whatever/whomever you believe in, around here. It was peaceful and serene.

Came across this little guy along the walk. He (she??) was kind enough to pose for me. Of course, I stood very, very, very still, as to not disturb. Good thing Canada is not known for it's poisoness creatures! And a visit to Australia years ago cured me of my fear of spiders. When they're big enough to wave back, you know you have to get along somehow!! Despite the photo, this guy is only about the size of my pinky nail.

Then I spied the Inukshuk colony here, and thought this would be a great spot to sit and visit.
I asked D. to watch out for Dad, as well as my family doctor, Dr. C. He passed 3 days before Dad, I guess to help him along the way. Anyway, I introduced them all (D's father is also up here, having lost his battle with lung cancer years ago), told them to enjoy the mountains and go fishing or hiking or what-have-who, and then had a good old cry. Next time I must remember tissue or a hanky...shirt was a little damp by the time I was done. After my cry and quiet time, I had to leave my mark. It's not the best Inukshuk, but it's my first.

Decided on the drive out that I wanted to explore just a little more so went south (and up) to Spray Lakes. Our family used to camp and fish up there all the time, and nice to see that after all these years, they still haven't really improved the road!!! It was a very bumpy, very loose gravel, slow drive up, hitting a top speed of 20 at one point. But if it were a fast highway, we all would have missed these guys, enjoying a salt lick.

Only went to the base of Spray Lakes park, as I was under time restraints and I wanted to whip back into town to pick up an item I saw yesterday and decided to go back and get. Played a lot with the camera, which I decided to buy from my coworker. I know it's about 4 years old, but since they're worth roughly $500 nowadays, I still think I got a wicked deal. And it's fun!

Sadly, it was time for me to pack everything up and head for home. Not before one last shot though. With Canmore in the distance, I made the vow out loud.

One day, I WILL live here. Yes, I will!

Stopped into town to pick up what will essentially be an urn for Dad (for me). Okay, so it's a handmade cream and sugar set, but the sugar bowl is perfect. Still not sure what to do with the creamer, but it'll make a nice gravy boat, I think. Not that I ever have that much gravy! But I really wanted the bowl, and it's a set. Can't break up a set.

Got back into Calgary, reluctantly dropped off the keys, dropped in on Mom, picked up my latest Epicure order that was delivered, got home, unloaded the car, changed and rushed down to Vertigo Theatre for a launch party.

And just what was being launched, you ask??

WICKED is coming to Calgary and I am PUMPED!!! We already ordered 150 seats for the show NEXT July, that's how excited we (reps from my Social Club were there as well) are for the show coming. It's going to be absolutely phenomenal.
After a gross glass of wine (I was far too used to my Meritage) I went home and found some food to eat, before unpacking, cuddling with the furbabies and going to bed. I had to return to the "real" world of work in the morning. le sigh...


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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm so glad you said that spider was only the size of your pinky nail because I was FREAKING out! Ick!

It is gorgeous there!