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Monday, October 4, 2010

Return to Boot Camp

I can not believe it was been two weeks since I was last at boot camp!! I went the Monday before Melissa's but missed the Friday class (out of town) and then the Monday class (Wicked launch) and then Friday again (too tired to boot!). So I sort of dreaded tonight, thinking...'oh, this is going to hurt!'. I was right!!!
A quick run to warm up, we then started tabata from hell...while one part of the group did bicycles/suicide drills, we did push-up tabatas (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). This went on for 2.5 minutes. Then we switched places. Back to the tabatas, we switched to shoulder press, while the other group did drop-leg flies/suicides. Two and half minutes of hell...switch. Lastly we did biceps curls tabata, while the group did jumping jacks, lunge walks, high knees, butt kicks and hops. Switch. Ow!! After a brief water break, we went back to the lunge walks but added lats for fun! Then we did some 10:10:10's (biceps, rows and shoulder presses). More lunge/lats, more 10:10:10 and finally lunge/lats and 10:10:10's. One would think this torture was over, but one would be wrong!! Off to the picnic tables where we did 3 sets of leg drives, dips and narrow-grip incline presses. Once that was done, it was sprints up and down the Bitch Hill. In my absence, the group named this special little spot of paradise, which is a rather steep little twisty hill, in which we run to the top, turn around and repeat. Just for kicks, Trainer Josh threw in squats at the bottom of each lap! Finally we limped our way back to the mats where we decided to focus on core. Because we hadn't worked out enough by this point!!! After some full sit-ups, cheek-to-cheeks, side-plank and oblique crunches. Finished with good old negatives and toe touches before we could all finally go home. That is if we could manage to crawl to our cars, that is!!!
Once home, I decided to stick around the Mediterranean and have a bit of an Anti-pasta platter for supper.
Artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, fresh grape tomatoes, Kalamata olives, giant Queen green olives (they were the same size as the tomatoes!) and feta cheese, drizzled with evoo.
Finally, some of the Sabra Artichoke Spinach hummus with whole wheat pita to dip. I now know why most in blog-land refer to this stuff as crack! It is sooooo good.
Happy belly, a little Criminal Minds and now I am ready for bed. I can already feel things tightening, I love boot camp!
By the way, be sure to check out Amber's blog about book Born to Run. It is an interesting take on barefoot vs. running shoes. I don't know how I feel about the whole thing, as I've always suffered from very flat feet, but what ever works for you.
As well, check out Caitlin's post about an article written in Marie Claire. Since it is essentially about food/health blogs, I find it very slanted and somewhat insulting. Not Caitlin's post, but the actual article. Basically what the article said to me is that these types of blogs are dangerous because I, as the reader, am too stupid or gullible to read it, take what I would from it and still manage to go on about my day to day activities without falling victim to an eating or exercise disorder. My word...just from reading a blog. Oh, the power these young women have over the rest of us! When I was in journalism school, I was taught to be unbiased and neutral, but that's obviously not how the Marie Claire reporter was taught. So, I'm just saying if you think that my boot camp or marathon training is crazy, or makes you want to work out even harder, please remember that you are a human being responsible for your own actions!! Just because I'm a wackadoodle doesn't mean the rest of you (okay, all 9) have to be as well!!

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I was also taught in journalism school not to be biased which this article so obviously was. I don't buy fashion magazines for this reason, the articles are RIDICULOUS. I will stick to my Runners World and Canadian Running mags thankyouverymuch!