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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Went to bed way early last night, after a great visit with Cathy's sister, hubs, kids, Mom & Dad. Cathy and I met in High School (yes, was THAT long ago!) when her Dad was transferred to Calgary, and have kept in touch. Obviously the miles got in the way (Cathy moved back to Toronto after university) but it was like old times with everyone sitting around and yakking all at once. Okay, so there were way more kids than before (last time I was out, the youngest son was just a belly bump) but it was like nothing had changed. We had a huge pot of goulash, smashed potatoes, mac & cheese (homemade, of course), salad, and finishing the night off with lemon loaf and ice cream. Nom, nom, nom...of course, I had to fight two teen aged boys for food, but I think I did okay!!! Then it was good night, and rush upstairs to pack, as my flight left Toronto at 8am. However, Cathy took me in when she went to work (at the airport, oddly enough) at 6:30am! That means I was up and at 'em at 5am (or 3am Calgary time) and am proud to say still going strong. Okay, so there may have been a brief nap around 4, but more of that later.

Picture recap of the week:

An area the locals call Mars. This is from our fall colours drive on Saturday. Very cool place, as the ground really is red (Terra cotta).

To prove I was in Canada...not on the Red Planet!

My official maple leaf fall picture...not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Race day...running down Yonge Street.

And now 5+ hours later!!!

Upright and smiling, always.

Sunburn in October in Canada?!?! Who would have thunk it?????

More fall colours (on my stroll to find Starbucks).

Terry the cute!

The pool...which sadly they closed up the week before I got there. I don't swim, but dipping the legs in would have been awesome! Oh well, I recovered just fine without it. Next time I visit though...Cathy...I may have committed to coming out to visit again! LOL!

On our last afternoon, Cathy and I drove to Don Mills to check out McEwan's. Yes, I am that much of a Food Network geek!!! Kind of hoping he'd be there, because Mark McEwan is HOT, but I was just as happy to wander the aisles and check things out. I admit I had to buy something, as well as the purple go bag, and came home with some spices (that I don't have or sell), some McEwan rubs and a curried mustard that is amazing, based on the initial taste! How I managed to pack everything (also had to stop at another great store to buy some Mango Coconut Pepper sauce...all I have to say is O.M.G!!!!!!!), including the 26.2 book, running jacket and top that I bought at the Expo. It all was tight, but it all fit.

Yes...I had my camera in the store. I did say I was a geek...

Stopped for lunch at the deli counter and had the most amazing mushroom, brie and truffle aioli on ciabatta...EVER...oh, and so excited, as I also found Chobani yogurt (haven't found it out here yet). Wow!! So good. Worth all the blogger hype.

After sitting at the airport, nursing a Starbucks and a fruit yogurt parfait, Cathy went off to work. I was also making certain that I took the recommended dose of the air sickness pills I picked up at the natural food store. They appeared to have worked just fine, as nary a roll. But then again, the pilot today didn't do a loop-d-loop, like the dude on Friday did! I swear that's what happened. Of course, what else made today's flight so much better is that I got bumped. Yes, the elusive, almost unheard of bump up to Business /First Class (whatever they call it these days). I got to sit on the either side of the blue curtain. They get food!!! For free!!!! Okay, so the tickets cost twice as much as a normal flight, but still. I didn't get breakfast though, as I was an "extra body" and they only had a pre-determined number of breakfasts. The stewardess (so not PC, but I don't know what they're called these days) did offer to get me something from the other tray, but I did have the yogurt and was honestly fine. I sat in a big, comfy seat, watched the Karate Kid and generally enjoyed my flight. Okay, not going to lie...the fresh baked cookies and ice cream did seal the deal!
Got off the plane (nice, bump free landing, I may add), spied my mountains and knew I was home! Walked right to a cab and was in my door, hugging my fur-children by 11am. Then I was changed and back out the door 20 minutes later, so I could go to Weight Watchers. Happy to say that I was down another 2 pounds this week. This week's meeting was about attitude (vs. fatitude) and I decided that I need to look at my weight loss the same way I look at a marathon. Break it into pieces, conquer one section at a time, celebrate the small victories and finish, upright and smiling!
After a quick lunch, some wandering downtown, pop into the grocery store for some dinner for tonight, I came home to a quick nap. Then up and made dinner of rice and peas (not as good as Cathy's, but I think I may have missed a step or ingredient...I did it from memory), coconut crusted tilapia and a salad. I wanted to dip my new coconut sauce, since I brought it all the way home from Toronto. Yum, yum!

Fading...and my head is starting to hurt. I have to go to bed, as I'm collecting Mom and we're off to meet & greet our potential new physician tomorrow morning. Wish us luck...I've heard horror stories about this!


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Cathy said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a good time, lol! We sure did a lot or you made it sound like we did. I hold you to another visit.....when the pool is open. Guess what we had for dinner last night...... all of the leftovers with soup. I'm making pizza dough today for Friday night pizza. I confess while you were home walking and cooking and going to meetings, I came home from work and moped aroung the house missing you!!!!! The house is very quiet.... Terry keeps looking for you... I swear I have to get Hubby to install a doggy door! :)!

p.s. they are called flight attendants and I'm glad you enjoyed your seat!

p.p.s. see you SOON!