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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lazy Day

Lasted last night till about 10:30, and then I was ready to crash...could have had something to do with being up at 6am...could have been the half a cow I had for supper...could have been the 5+ hour run I did earlier in the day. Guess we'll never!

While I heard the house moving about this morning (it's a regular Monday for them), I drifted back to sleep and got up around 9. I didn't sleep horribly, but not great as the hips kept protesting through out the night. Made for a lot of flipping about, but we all got over it. Did some stretching when I got up this morning, to ease some of the aches out, and that seems to have helped a bit.

Managed to make it downstairs it was one step at a time to begin with, but now I can already move like a normal...okay, almost normal person. Had a cup...pot...of coffee while I watched Cathy being superwoman. Laundry, baked bread, made rice & peas, cleaned the kitchen (I helped!), ran the dishes, had lunch, got ready for work and then left. I was exhausted just watching her! I had some delicious turkey soup for lunch and then laid down for a nap. The boys are home now, and I'm in charge of dinner. Okay, so it's mainly all made, but I am reheating the rice! The jerk chicken will be bbq'd when hubs gets home, and then I'll either heat up the veggies left over from last night or make some new stuff. We won't starve. I may join the boys for their walk with the dog after supper, just to see the neighbourhood, and so I can figure out where to take the dog, if I chose to head out tomorrow on my own.

That's all I've got for you. I hope to have some more adventures to share tomorrow.


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